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  1.  A must buy


    A good quality shirt and print. It was well worth the money to see people smile as I walked past.

  2.  Not as tactical as previous incarnations but still good


    The game starts off in Pic des Pyréneés, France with a hostage situation and then promptly moves you into the familiar surroundings of Las Vegas.
    As soon as you arrive in Las Vegas it is taken over by terrorists (how inconsiderate of them) and panic is widespread. As the story develops you get to go to different locations around Las Vegas including the Convention Centre and a few other locations such as a small town in Nevada.

    Good Points:

    Decent graphics and sound.
    Better voice acting than the first one.
    Customisable load outs (weapons, armour, helmets etc).
    ACES system.

    Bad Points:

    AI can be stupid at times.
    Frustrating at times.

    Vegas 2 is a lot like it's predecessor Vegas 1 graphics wise, although the Vegas 2 graphics do seem to be much sharper than those of Vegas 1.
    The graphics aren't going to blow you away by any stretch of the imagination but they are decent enough for what the game is...a console port.

    The sound quality seems to have gone up a notch, weapons now sound much better than in Vegas 1. It also appears that they've fixed the sound issues that plagued Vegas 1 (repeating sounds etc).

    Vegas 1 had some really horrible voice acting in it especially Jung and Michael. You would think that two of the main characters would have decent voice acting but thankfully that has been sorted in Vegas 2. The Voice acting in Vegas 2 for the most part is consistently of good quality.

    New to Vegas 2 is the fully customisable load out. Unlike Vegas 1 where you could only change your weapon load out in Vegas 2 you can change your armour, weapons, helmet, camo paint and even wear tactical sunglasses (gotta love those sunglasses). Being able to customise your load out adds another level of challenge, do you go in lightly armoured and fast or heavily armoured and slow?

    Another addition to Vegas 2 is the ACES system (Advanced Combat Enhancement and Specialisation). The ACES system rewards you by unlocking weapons, armours etc based on the tactics used in the game. ACES in divided in to three parts Marksman, Assault, and Close-Quarter Battle (CQB). For example a head shot will count towards marksmanship, shooting through a wall will count towards Assault, and killing an enemy at close quarters will count towards CQB. By getting a high enough score in a category you can unlock a specific item in that category, for example the assault category will unlock a new assault rifle.

    One thing that hasn't been fixed since Vegas 1 is the AI. I've found terrorists just standing in the open while I blow them away or i've just slaughtered everybody in a room and two terrorists are standing on the balcony outside oblivious to what just happened.

    At times Vegas 2 can be frustrating especially when enemies know exactly where you are even though they'd not even seen you. Other frustrating times are when one or both of your team mates go down because they were stupid, usually by standing out in the open. Not forgetting the age old problem of your team mates standing in your line of fire. I think you should get bonus points for shooting your team mates in the back of the head. :P

    Overall Vegas 2 ticks most boxes but it's not for everyone. With no more mission planning, more forgiving style of game play and a much more shooter orientation the Vegas series has very much moved away from the roots of the Rainbow Six franchise. Die hard Rainbow Six fans may feel that the game has become shallower as a result but one things for sure this newer formula makes for a game that's easier to pick up.

  3.  Such a wasted opportunity!


    You reprise your role as the "Master Chief" doing battle with the Covenant and the Flood.

    Good Points:

    Decent enough story.
    Good voice acting.
    Dual wield.

    Bad Points:

    Awful graphics.
    Multiplayer on LIVE.
    Vista only...yeah right!

    Halo 2 has a decent enough story but there are things that aren't explained at all. How did they get back to Earth? How did Johnson survive the Flood attack? All of these questions aren't answered in the game but thankfully are answered in the book.

    Good voice acting is allways a must for any game. Cortana, Master Chief, Sgt Johnson reprise their roles and on the whole they do a fantastic job especially Sgt Johnson he is awesome. "I brought along this motivational tool".

    Duel wielding in always great fun especially the Brute plasma rifles, they are just hand held death.

    Now i'm a believer of graphics not being important but what the hell happened to the graphics in this game. The graphics aren't the greatest in the world obviously because it's an old game from a console but the graphics are no where near recent games. There are horrible looking textures on buildings and vehicles, it's certainly not what I was expecting from a game released in 2007.

    The only multiplayer available is through Microsofts LIVE service of which there are two tiers silver and gold. Silver is the cut down version that only allows you to use the game browser whereas Gold will allow you to use quick match. Anyway I didn't play multiplayer because I don't want to have to sign up for LIVE. Why should I? Why should I have to pay to get all the features that other PC games give you for free?

    "Enhanced for Windows Vista" that's what it says on the box but that's a huge lie! It's hard to imagine that it's enhanced or optimised for anything. In fact the only reason it only works on Vista out of the box is because they made it that way, I reviewed this game on an XP machine and the game works fine.

    Overall this is a lacklustre port of what was a half decent console game back in 2004. They seriously needed to release this game before 2007 and put a lot more work into as well.

  4.  Rambo style action this can be entertaining but nothing deep


    Good points:

    Nice explosions.
    Switching character mechanic is a little bit different.
    Not all run and gun.
    Intense firefights.

    Bad points:

    Weak story.
    Bad voice acting.
    AI can be really stupid.
    Same enemies.
    Hit detection is awful in places.
    Controls are a little bit console.
    Check points aren't always in the best places.

    Explosions are always nice to have in a FPS game and this Conflicts explosions are really nice. Some a absolutely huge!

    Switching between the two characters is a game play mechanic that's kinda rare, you don't usually get that kind of stuff in an FPS game. The two characters don't feel a whole lot different except for the weapons. The older grumpy man is a sniper and thus is a more long range person. The younger guy is a cocky inexperienced agent who has a machine gun (similar to a M249 SAW) and he's basically the Rambo man.

    Conflict is not all run and run there is some stealth in there as well. Some of the missions have different ways to the objectives. Obstacles such as machine gun nests have different ways to tackle them such as flanking etc.

    Another good thing about this game is the intense firefights, sometimes there's all hell breaking loose.

    The games story is nether good or bad, it's just weak. I guess the developers just thought that a decent story would get in the way, obviously they've not played COD4.

    A game must have good voice acting and this game just hasn't. The old grumpy sniper is passable as a voice actor but the rest are just awful.

    AI or is it AU? (artificial unintelligent). The AI can be very stupid at times, running right at you or standing still while shooting at you.

    I shot you, I shot you! When I shoot someone I expect them to fall over dead not just keep on running. Just like when I shoot someone with a sniper rifle I don't expect them to keep on shooting at me. Quite frequently you'll shoot someone five times with a sniper rifle to down them. Hmmmm......

    I hate games that have console style menus and having to press one key to perform for just about every action. Press space to activate something, press space to climb up something...you get the general idea. Hello developers there are 104 keys on a keyboard why not use more of them? For example the grenade menu, hold down G and then press up,down, left or right to select a type of grenade to equip it.

    Checkpoints, I don't particularly like or hate them but some of the checkpoints are in the wrong place.

    Overall this game certainly won't win any awards but if you want a pure action game then this is for you. If you want a more intelligent action game with a story then you're looking in the wrong place.

  5.  It's no COD4 or BF2 but it's not bad for a first time dev


    The graphics in the game aren't the most cutting edge you'll see but they're by no means bad. The NPCs in the game move quite realistically but the rag doll physics can sometimes be a little over the top.

    Frontlines premise is interesting and something that hasn't been done recently. It provokes you into thinking about our reliance on oil and what might possibly happen if it ever started to really run very low. What lengths would a government really go to to secure more oil?

    The mission objectives are kinda repetitive, secure this part of the map, hold this part of the map, destroy these tanks. The only difference is of course how you go about doing it. Do you rush, flank or use drones to clear up. There are even airstrikes and gunship strikes to use. These things add a little bit of strategy to the game but were not talking really deep. The single player for this game isn't half bad, the different paths to objectives with the use of drones add some replay value to the game and make the game feel less linear than most FPS games.

    The drones are a great addition to the game and really fun to use. There's nothing like using an assault drone (small robot drone equipped with a mini gun) to soften the enemy up then running in to finish them off.

    Some of the firefights in the game can get really intense. You can find yourself being shot by a helicopter, while shooting a tank that's shooting at me while soldiers are shooting at you as well.

    I love using pistols in games so i'm always happy when a pistol is actually good to use. I love the pistol in Frontlines in some respects it's better than the assault rifle.

    The vehicles in Frontlines are quite good, but there's nothing revolutionary about them. A tank, Humvee, Comanche Helicopter etc etc

    Here we go again with the bad voice acting. The reporter is the only person that sounds good. The others are mediocre to awful. I would also like to point out this English people speak anything like the voice actors in this game. *Note to developer is you really want to have English sounding people in games please use English people*.

    AI or rather artificially not very intelligent. The AI can be really stupid at times running at you, standing still while shooting you, not shooting at the enemy when one of them is standing right next to them etc etc.

    The game limits the exploration of the map by telling you to get back to the operations area (AO) and if you don't you take damage until you either get back to were you're apparently supposed to be or you die. I think this is a bad idea but I suppose it was probably done to keep people on target or because of some level limitation.

    When i'm in a vehicle I expect to be able to go down a few steps not get stuck on nothing. There are quite a few occasions where i've gotten stuck on what appears to be nothing. There are also times where metal boxes don't move, vehicles such as the tank crash ininto them and stop dead. If it was a tank it would plow straight through them not just stop.

    When I booted up multi player I noticed that there was only one mode and that was frontlines mode. Basically it's Team Domination mode from UT, an objective based multi player where you try to keep hold of points while pushing the enemy back so that you can capture their points.

    Overall this is a good game with a good single player and some great ideas (drones) in it but the AI and vehicles need sorting out as well as more multi player modes being added.

  6.  Nothing really new here but it can be entertaining for a bit


    Good Points:

    More F.E.A.R.
    Confirms certain things about the story we already thought were true.
    Some scary moments.
    Graphics are still great, shadows are cool.

    Bad Points:

    Nothing really new.
    Some bad voice acting.
    Rehashed levels.
    Bugs and glitches.

    The game is set towards the end of the original game and through Extraction Point. You are a member of the second F.E.A.R team and your deployed to look for more clues about the secret ATC project Perseus. The game soon introduces a new faction and these mercenaries are well equipped.

    During the game certain things about the F.E.A.R story get confirmed. I won't but any spoilers in this review but you should be able to guess them anyway.

    The game is suitably dark and moody with a lots of paranormal activity and the same creepy atmosphere. There are a few scary moments in F.E.A.R that make your heart skip a beat but there's nowhere near as many as in the original or Extraction point, which I find disappointing.

    The graphics are still really good and the shadowing effects are still fantastic. I don't get the some of the reviews on gaming sites saying the engine is dated and looks horrible?!?!? The game engine is still as good as it was.

    Unfortunately there's nothing really new in the game. There's a three new weapons, the grenade launcher (really good weapon), the lightning gun (weak) and the advanced rifle used by the mercenaries (very similar to the existing machine gun but has a more accurate sight).
    The new faction is slightly different but they act very much like the replica forces anyway. Some of the mercenaries have abilities like you do so that makes them slightly harder to kill but why they have these powers or why you do goes unexplained.
    The levels are also rehashes of the levels from the first two games except one level that takes place in a mine.

    Here we are again with me complaining about voice acting. The replica forces use the same voices as in the original and they're fine but the mercenaries are awful. There's no feeling there it's just monotone. Your team mates aren't such better although they do get a little better towards the end of the game. Betters in by far the best voice in the whole expansion pack but sadly the actor was very under used.

    I've found the stability of the game a little poor, i've had at least three crashes to desktop. The frame rate goes up and down like a yo yo, this very much seems like poor optimisation and rushing the game rather than problems with the engine. I've also seen texture glitches.

    Overall this game doesn't add a great deal in terms of content but can be entertaining for a while. If you're a F.E.A.R fan you may want to play this but don't expect it to win any awards or push the story forward.

    Review Machine: QX6850 Extreme (3.0GHz Quad Core), 4GB RAM, 768MB Geforce 8800GTX, SB Audigy 2 ZS and Windows XP SP2.

  7.  A fun and throughly entertaining action flight sim!


    Good Points:

    Pickup and play gameplay.
    Loads of action.
    Decent graphics and sound.
    Multiple camera angles.
    Lots of planes to choose from.
    Plane upgrades, paint jobs and plane tuning.
    Replays, medals and other unlockables.

    Bad points:

    Wingmen can't be controlled and are pretty much useless anyway.

    The game starts with you in serious trouble the Leasath military has invaded your country, you're posted at one of the last remaining free military bases and they're coming. The aim of the game is to defeat the Leasath military by completing various missions such as destroy a landing party, defend friendly troops, destroy incoming aircraft etc etc.

    Ace Combat X is a really fun game to play and has excellent pickup and play gameplay. You can easily put the game down for a few weeks, then pick it up again and get right back into the action without any problems.

    One thing an action flight sim needs is action and this game has it by the bucket load. One second you're on your way to an objective and the next you've got enemies planes shooting at you, while SAM sites are shooting at you as well and you never know a few Aegis cruisers might have a go at you as well.

    The game really shows of the graphical power of the PSP with the quality of the plane models, they look awesome. When an enemy plane flies past you the planes are recognisable and they really do look the part. There are different cockpit for each plane and they are well drawn as well.
    Multiple camera angles ensure that you can see just how awesome the planes look, although when fighting you'll only really be using the heads-up-display perspective.

    The sound in the game mostly excellent, explosions, techno/rock mix music but some of the voice acting is a little bit on the flat/dull side.

    There are loads of planes to choose from in Ace Combat X, 40 in all including the well known F16, F15, F18, F14, F22, A10, MIG31 and well as some made up by the development team.
    Missions actually play differently depending on what plane you choose and what ordinance you pick.
    Planes can be upgraded with parts such as new wings, new ordinance, new engines etc etc. These upgrades change the way your plane handles and each upgrade has positive and negative effects. For example a new engine may increase your speed but decrease your stability.

    When you complete a mission you can save a small replay of the last minute or so of the mission. Bragging rights maybe?
    Medals and other unlockables are available for completing missions and certain achievements. This only adds to the replayablility that's already there.

    The only bad point I can think of is you can't control your wingmen, I suppose this is because of the control schemes available to the PSP are limited by the number of controls. I don't know if controlling them would make them any better because they're quite useless anyway.

    Overall this is a great pickup and play action flight sim. Even if you don't go for flight sims or action games this is throughly enjoyable and worth a purchase.

  8.  Way too short and technically broken!


    You're a construction worker called Carson. You start the game at the top of a sky scraper that's under construction and you quickly see the start of the Nazi invasion. You decide to fight back and join up with the resistance.

    Good things:

    The games premise.
    Great explosions.
    First sequence is impressive.

    Bad things:

    Really really short singeplayer campaign.
    Technically broken (Slowdowns, texture glitches, in game loading times etc).
    Terrible hit detection.
    Game world isn't very interactive.
    Bad weapon sounds.
    Bad voice acting.

    I found the games premise to be interesting and I makes you think about a lot of things. What would have happened if Churchill had died? or if Kennedy had lived? That aspect of the premise is never explored, it's just something you see in the intro.

    One thing I do like about the game is the explosions. The explosions are look really cool and sound the part as well.

    Out of the whole game the first sequence when you see the invasion is the best part of the whole game. Nazi planes flying over head, blimps in the distance, explosions, people screaming, planes flying between sky scrapers. In short the first sequence is awesome, it's a shame that such a promising start leads to repetitive and dull shooter.

    Err.....where's the rest of the game? You thought COD4 was short well then you've seen nothing yet. A person who is familiar with FPS games will be finishing this game in three to four hours. At the end I felt like i'd just played an expansion pack.

    Technically the game is broken, very broken. There are numerous texture glitches in the game and some of the textures are just down right awful.
    It's not just the textures that look awful the animation of the characters is awful they act like characters from a game that's several years old and the facial animation is just as bad.
    During the course of a level the game stops dead and the hard drive gets thrashed while it loads more game data, there is no warning the game just stops for several seconds. Another annoying technical problem is the game slows down in random places for no discernible reason. My PC can run Crysis on high so this leads me to believe that the optimisation on this game is quite frankly pants.

    Hit detection.......lol! The hit detection on this game is beyond awful, how is it that they can shoot me but I can't shoot them? Answer is I don't know there just seems to be an invisible wall. Why can they shoot me through a window but I can only shoot them through small panes in the glass that are broken?

    For the past couple of years now we've been really spoilt with FPS games that have interactive worlds. Crysis with it's destructible environments, COD4 with the ability to shoot through walls and now there's Turning Point with the ability to shoot glasses on a table. OK joking a side now there isn't a great deal you can interact with in the environment, shoot a few glasses, shoot a window perhaps, this lack of interactivity makes the world feel stale and completely without life.

    Good weapon sounds are a must in any FPS game and that's another area that Turning Point leaves unticked. The weapons sound like you're firing stud guns, even the Garand doesn't have the familiar clang when the mag runs out.

    The voice acting in the game is dull, uninspired and quite frankly doesn't make me care about any of the people in the game.

    Just like most FPS games released in recent years there's a multiplayer. Well there would be if there were any servers available! I tried to access multiplayer and it seems that no one is playing it...can't say I blame them.

    Overall this title is a lacklustre unoptimised port of a throughly awful console game!

  9.  Fastest thing i've seen yet!


    This SATA Dual Layer DVD burner is the fastest thing i've used so far. It blows everything else out of the water!

    It comes with some of the Nero 7 Suite:

    Nero Express 7,
    INCD 5,
    Nero Vision Express,
    Nero BackupItUp,
    Nero Showtime,
    Nero Records,
    Nero Lightscribe.

    For those who don't like Nero 7 the drive will work with Nero 6 with the latest drive compatibility update installed.

    I've your looking for a quality drive that's fast and has a great price get this drive you won't be disspointed.

    This drive is an OEM so it doesn't come in a retail box and doesn't come with a SATA cable either.

  10.  I can't help but feel disappointed by this version of UT!


    I've been a UT player since the original and I still say that UT is still the best of the whole franchise.

    Good points:

    Great graphics.
    Superb sound.
    Some decent maps.
    Single player isn't too bad.
    AI is as good and as bad as ever.
    Deck! :D

    Bad Points:

    Feels like a console game.
    Menu system is annoying.
    The game feels slower.
    No real graphics options.
    Some of the Necris vehicles are way too powerful.
    Where did all the game modes go?
    They took out the "Flak Monkey" announcement what the hell!?!?!
    Can't change announcer.
    New weapon announcements are lame!

    UT3's graphics are awesome. It has really good lighting, shadows, models, textures just like you'd expect from an Unreal game. A massive disappointment is there's hardly any graphical options that can be changed, I guess this is what happens when you go multi platform.

    The explosions, weapons sounds are just as good as they've ever been. The thing that lets down the sound department is the new weapon announcements. There's no "Flak Monkey" what the hell?!?!?!? The announcer can't be changed either (as far as I know) unlike the last game.

    UT3's gameplay hasn't changed a great deal although it does feel like a slower game, this could be because the weapons have been tweaked but whatever they've done I don't like it.

    The game modes have been seriously cut down, there's no Domination, Bombing Run, Mutant, Last Man Standing etc etc...what the hell happened?

    The introduction of the Necris vehicles makes the slightly revamped vehicle modes seem a little fresher but the some of the Necris vehicles do seemed to be a little bit overly powerful. I could and should be address in a future patch hopefully.

    I'm glad that there's some classic maps included, Deck is my all time favorite map.

    Overall this game does have it's enjoyable moments and the multiplayer is enjoyable but the game feels like a lazy multi platform game with half it's modes missing. The new menu is annoying, slow and clunky. Bring back the old menu system.

    I don't know what Epic were thinking when they made some of the decisions they made for game but I don't think they had us older UT fans in mind.

    If you want to play this game I would suggest that you wait until the community starts producing mods, maps, a price reduction on the game itself and of course the release of Chaos UT3.