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  1.  Never believe what you read


    Like anything these days, you cannot believe anyone or anything until you see it or play it yourself.

    I purchased this from Play Trade as I wasn't too sure weather I would like this game or not, ever since I put this in my console I haven't been able to take it out.

    This is a very basic Stealth Game with no backup no fancy gadgets just you, your Gun, your Dagger and not to mention your Curves, I wouldn't say this is any match to Splinter Cell, MGS or even Assassins Creed as the enviroments are less interactive and there is only ever 1 way to get through an area.

    You do have to be patient while playing this as its all about just waiting for the right moment to move or kill like with any game there are some improvements to be made.

    Ammo is an issue but I have completed several levels without firing a shot off, this is about stalking your prey.

    I have found this more enjoyable than Call of Duty or even Resident Evil.

  2.  HAWX vs Ace Combat


    Ive played the demo to death both offline and multiplayer.

    I am a big flight sim fan I loved ace Combat to death completed most of the downloadable content

    HaWX this is a good game for beginners especially with the ERS which personally I cant stand as it takes the fun out of it im hoping theres an option in game to turn it off because it bugged the living hell out of me, who wants to follow a set path when if you just slm the brakes on slide and bam lock on they die

    I dont really like the third person view its too difficult to work out where you are to the relation of your target im hoping they improve this slightly in game

    I did like the demo apart from those issues it looks pretty and if you can master jumping in and out of 1st and 3rd person view to dodge missiles and slidey turns then your master the game in no time, i can see this game being reduced in price so i would suggest buying ace comat skys of liberation for the time being or even try the demo of ace combat the one thing i hate about both of these games is that they will most likely be relitivly short lived i still play ace combat from time to time for the fun of it but i dont think i can see myself playing this.

    i do like the voice commands although very limited in what you can do

    I am a fan of the tom clancy series but i do feel there comes a point for any brand that someone sticks a name on it and your buy it no matter what it is or how good or how bad it is end war was rubbish