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  1.  PSP Go Not all that.


    I have owned this from launch and it not all that different from gaming on the DS, It plays games what more needs to be said about that.

    I bought this to link with the PS3 and watch stuff on the move, which the name "Go" would suggest would work well. It don't work that well at all. its fine if you are stood next to your PS3 but then i might as well just be using the PS3.

    It is better than the DS at looking on the web but its not 3G so i might as well use the laptop or the PS3, I think that sony got a bit mixed up here as to who the target market is, it was to appeal to big kids but the ability to cope with media types lets it down big style

    The battery on this is shocking, feels like i turn it on and have to stop playing and plug it in for a charge.

    The software that this comes with appears to do nothing but take up space on the desk top. I have tried and tried to use media progs that come with Sony products, MG juke box, Sony Connect, etc. they all are unable to cope with the volume of media that you would have on Itunes. They are also unable to convert anything.

    The HDD on this is also too small to store much although there is an expanable slot for M2 cards.

    Its like this was a good idea but they never got past the first week of ideas or testing!! its just not a finished product. You cant even streem from a network drive you seem to have to go through the PS3.

    Dont really have issue with the screen size or sore thumbs.

  2.  Brilliant Game


    This game is a must have for the PS2 the multi player mode is great working as a team rather than against one another. It's a shame it never had more popularity as it will not have much chance of moving on to next gen machines.

    I would dust off the ps2 to play this again.

  3.  Great addition to the buzz family


    This game for the PS3 is in 720P

    If you already have wired buzzers then there is no great need for the wireless ones. They dont add to the game play.

    There is nothing really new here in the stanard game but they have made some improvements to the game play.

    This game comes into its own when used in the online mode and is great to play questions from other buzz players.

    Buy this if you are new to buzz or a big fan

  4.  Poor Poor GAME


    If you could post negative stars this would get lots!