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  1.  This game is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!


    Ok. For those out there that want to know the real deal about this game. This review might be for you. I have never liked platform games. In fact, I hate them. This is mainly because once you tried about 100 times to reach the the top of the platform you would fall and have to try again to climb back up. This added to the headace puzzles you have to work out and the back tracking and maze finding really isnt my idea of having fun. I rather work a 24 hour shift in Mcdonalds than play these sort of games.

    Because of this i was a bit sceptical when I received my copy of Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. I have played the Ratchet and Clank series on the psp before which didnt impressed me at all. I think I played about 3 minutes of it before I got a migraine.

    After inserting the disk i was prompted with a few short logo's and a screen asking me to start a new game, load game and other options. No cinematics, no fancy introductions, not much of anything to be honest. Just ran straight into the game. I was mildly suprised as I normally have to wait a good 10 minutes before remotely having any fun. So, yes i didnt have time to go downstairs to make my cup of tea i normally do before the cinematics finished.

    Anyway after the quick game creation I was shot into the game; headfirst. After a 5 second window to work out which button was it to jump and which button it was to attack I was bombaraded with explosions, imaginably cute monsters, bridges collapsing, being shot in the air, reapeatedly!, skating along poles in my grind rail boots and freefalling ! And this was just the introduction.

    From there on the action never stoped. This game wont probably let you have breath so those with breathing disorders or epilepsy attacks might want to avoid. I really do feel sorry for you if you do however.

    After the first few missions, the storyline and the characters, Ratchet (the cute fuzz ball with the pointy ears) and Clank (the even cuter robot disguised as a backpack on Ratchets back), really shines through. The storyline wasn't that hard to grasp and enjoy. Nothing to really think hard about.

    When i was presented with my first weapon, a boozuka type gun which fired little firery missles in rapid sucession, i was thrilled. I had no idea that there were many many more even better weapons to come! The first boss was a some sort of sea monster crossed with a slug. I had no trouble putting this beast down and retrieved a pile of clanky crystals which I was told could help boost my weapons at the weapons shop.

    Before i knew it, i became addicted to this game. The realitively straight forward gameplay, coupled with the stunning graphics, and bountyful of action just sucked me right in.

    After 15 hour of playing, I have now reached a stage where i had thought this must be the end. There were so many things going on, multiple big bosses, Pirates fighting, big explosions. I thought this must be the end as it was so good. I didnt want it to end though. However it turned out that it wasnt. I have still yet to complete it.

    Despite the relatively straight forward missions, you can see that after completion of the game, there are many many other things that you can do. There are missing maps peices and treasures scattered around the Universerse which you can seek out, arena fighting to test out your skills and earn more money, weapons to buy, and armor to upgrade.

    There are many suprises. I really dont want to spoil this game for anyone who hasnt played it. It really is an experience I dont think i will ever forget. It was like playing Zelda all over again on the Super Nintendo. Thank you Insomniac!