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  1.  Photo Finish


    Been playing both the demos and it really is close this year, both this and FIFA are excellent games and i really cant make my mind up about which 1 to get!

    PES is definitely back, but FIFA is very good too, tough call

  2. MAG



    4 New from  £7.03  Free delivery

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    i've been playing the beta for a while now and give it a good chance to impress, and it just doesn't! when comparing to other top fps it just isn't as good it don't play as smooth and just don't look as polished, play mag then put modern warfare 2 straight on after and you will see what i mean. also it takes nearly a whole assault rifle magazine to kill a single enemy soldier, so if you come across 2 or 3 at a time which you will, you will be lucky to kill just 1 even if they don't see you until you fire at them, which also makes the sniper class pointless i have hit the same person 3 or 4 times without them dying! the game does have good points, big maps lots of players and some decent game modes!

  3.  Very Good


    The single player campaign is very good with a great story, and some fantastic shootouts with a touch of tactics too.

    The multiplayer is pretty much dead that's why only the 4 stars.

  4.  Online Beta Review


    Been playing this a couple of days now, and i must admit the first hour or so i really didn't like it, i didn't know the maps, and i just wasn't used to it. (Got killed a lot) and i'm not used to that on cod4 being 10th prestige and a kill ratio of 2.8 :)
    But that's all changed, once you get used to the weapons the maps and how people play, it is a great game, good perks, weapons, bigger better maps than cod 4 but a little slower paced. Also it's good to see your legs and arms getting blown off on the kill cam

    I also noticed one of the perks doesn't unlock until level 65 (flamethrower) and the more prestige's you do the more custom slots you get to create your own classes, so this time round it pays to prestige.

    So if you can get used to ww2 weapons and like bigger maps i think you will enjoy this as on online game.

  5.  Good Demo


    I enjoyed the demo, i found the voice commands quite easy and they worked well 90% of the time, i found it a bit confusing knowing which unit was where on the map sometimes, apart from that a promising game.

  6.  Fantastic


    One of the best films you will see, great acting and story.
    And you will either love or hate the ending.
    A must buy.

  7.  Not Scary


    Very disappointed, after reading all the great reviews i wondered if i had brought the wrong film!

    Be prepared to be disappointed.