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  1.  Not for first time xbox buyers


    This console seems to have been made for someone who already has had an xbox but it has broken. A HD is a must with a 360 and this gives them a cheap xbox that they can just put their old HD onto it. Do not buy this xbox if it is for your first or you will find yourself spending out a lot more on extra parts.

  2.  Horrible


    When I got this game I was really looking forward ot it because I enjoyed every other fifa street. This has just killed fifa street alltogether. Graphics are horrible. The game is the same over and over. Plain boring. I would not even rent this game. This has put me off fifa street games alltogether now. 1*

  3.  Top Quality


    These are a very good set of speakers. For a reasonable price as well. They are very easy to set up. You can have two things connected at the same time, I have my xbox 360 and my computer. You have a master volume switch on the wireless remote or you can choose to change the volume of the rear speakers, front speakers or the sub individually. Even turned up to max these speakers do not distort. I would recomend these to anyone. They are great for watching movies, gaming or just listening to music. 5*

  4.  Hmmm....


    Im still not sure if I think this was worth the money. Play.com is the cheapest i can find it yet again. I was thinking of using this to record my xbox 360 gameplay. If you are also thinking of recoding a console i would not recomend a capture card as the quality is horrible for it and you will need to buy quite a few extras to get it working. Also i am runing vista and this capture card and software does not like vista like most other programs. I was on the help lines for hours trying to get it sorted for vista i was given hundreds of files to download and finally got it working. You will not be able to get support for recording video games becuase this is not what this capture card is meant for. To be honest i would not recomend this product to anyone after buying it myself. I would much prefer to spend the money on a DVD recorder to get perfect picture quality. Even with this capture card capturing at the best possible quality i could not read the score of a football match on the video playback. I give this product 2* and i would not recomend it to anyone.

  5.  Didn't last long.


    I have had a PSP since release date and it was a novelty ro play with at the start becuase of all new games and tui was brand new. As time went by I went back to my DS and was playing that whilst the PSP was sitting in my desk gathering dust. I would mostly recomend the PSP for children becuase the games are more suited to them. I seemed to get scratches on the screen even whilst it was in its protective case with a cleaning cloth over it, still not too sure how this happened.

  6.  Perfect


    I use this memory stick to transfer music,pictures,files etc from home to college and to my friends houses. This is a very good flash drive. For the price you can't go wrong. The transfer speeds seem the same as and brand memory stick. Nice pirce, good product 5*

  7.  Poor


    I played this hoping for alot more. This is good for young children but im 17 and i did not find it fun atall. This game does not have alot to it, I got bored very quickly with it.

  8.  Quality


    These earphones are good quality headphones. They lasted me ages. They are very comfy and are ipod comptible. For the price you would not expect alot from them but I think they are well worth it!

  9.  Help me!


    This is a very enjoyable and addictive game. I have played for about 5 hours and im just about into the game and there is so much more for me to unlock. Im sure i will get weeks of playing time overall on this game and for £30 I would highly recomend this game to any Wii owner! 5*

  10.  Great charging stand


    I have tried several charging stands for the Wii and this is by far the best. Not only is it cheaper than most o the charging stands out on the market but it is also neat and stylish. You get space to charge 2 Wii remotes, the only little down side about this is they cannot have the hand strap and the rubber jacket on whilst you try to charge them but that is no problem for me becuase i do not use them. Also you have a hidden compartment behind the two controll charging ports a slot to charge two AA rechargable batteries as well. You should never be short of batteries now! Also a nice little feature of this charging stand is a button that you can press that makes your charging stand iluminate the same blue colour as the wii disc drive does. This is a nice little bonus. I would recomend this charging stand to anyone! 5*