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  1.  The best lego so far


    The game in itself is amazing, the use of voice extracted from the film is well done, it adds a lot of humour to the story, and still manages to keep a ver similar plot to the films. It's still got the stud collection like all lego games, yet it seems easier to me this time to unlock characters etc.

    The downside to this game is that there are a couple of glitches. Some of these are a little game breaking, like fighting a certain boss requires him to grow something at you and if you stand to close it gets stuck in an unreachable platform. Little things like that, which sometimes force you to replay 10-15 minutes of gameplay which can get frustrating.

    Overall a thoroughly enjoyable game for leg or LOTR fans alike

  2.  Zombies yes multiplayer not even close


    The zombies is phenomenal, without it I'd either snap the disc or trade it in. The multiplayer is not only laggy, the guns are unbalanced the maps are custom built for camper heaven its just an infuriating game. If you like being shot by 12 year olds who sit in corners for the whole match by all means buy it for the multiplayer. The campaign is awful too, with Treyarch adding pointless novelties that are awkward to control, when lets be honest, I'd rather just shoot people, and wish they'd stop trying to make the game interesting through the use of gadgets and gimmicks. Just irritating. The only reason it has 3 stars is because of how good the zombies is, other than that I'd rather play my toaster