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  1.  whats wrong with it???


    this game is great, highly underated, seriously, graphics=good, gameplay=a little rough but i'm not complaining, story= each side has something to aim for and its a joy to play as each of them (Predator rules) overall=great AvP experiance that i come back to all the time and i haven't mentioned multiplayer (its a blast)

  2.  my first horror game no dissapointment


    this is a fantastic game and deserves to be on anybodys horror collection, its stand out in a lot of ways with its graphics, unique fighting style (light houda thought it?) and its brilliant story, even the ending leaves you wanting more. If you love horror get this because it deserves a lot ad hopefully gets a lot.

  3.  Better than first


    Its got trophies, upgradable transformers, unlockables, art work and old episodes from the t.v series, better graphics than the first and definitly a better selection of missions, so much better than the first and quite an enjoyable game.

  4.  it's cool for now


    This is'nt a bad star wars film to watch, the story is o.k, the actors try to fill in the best they can for the original actors and the animation is cool, its not the best star wars movie but can keep you entertained for a while.

  5.  Game of the year!


    This game has it all, the graphics, the scares, the weapons, the awards and if i gave every award out in the world i'd have this as game of 2008, it's rival farcry 2 falls beneath its feet, steel be with you!

  6.  A funny one


    This game is a little funny, its good but then its not good, the fire effects can leave you with a lust to burn but there's just something that does'nt give it that shine or punch, it's just a bit dull to be honest, graphics are good but expectations were dropped when i played it, i would get its yearly rival Fallout 3.



    Need i say more than this is the best batman film ever made, heath ledger is good (r.i.p), christian bale is good and everybody is good, its funny, sinister, scary, exciting, its everything a film needs, its not to fantasy or sci-fi, two face has a funny face a bit through the film but i'm not revealing anything. Heath ledger is absolutely brilliant as the joker though, buy, buy, buy and one more thing buy!

  8.  Cool star wars game


    This is a star wars game thats good, the missions are great, heroes are good and the troops are great, the graphics are alright but other than that it's a decent game, i have a ps3 and are hoping they bring out a number 3 for the ps3 that would be great.

  9.  Nice Viking game


    This is quite a good game in terms of its good points, this game is not under gory, or over gory, it's got jaw dropping battles ( I'd heard about the battles but when i played them, i nearly fainted) the troop collecting is quite good, when you think of how many you have collected for the big battle it's good. Problems, the one i can cope with is the no mouth moving when speaking, another one that i can't cope with is that it is way to short, if you are a master gamer then you will finish this quickly, another i found dissapointing is that when you gather troops that are stuck on a pole ( it's like a pole sticking out the ground with three vikings tied up around it) it does not affect your numbers, i mean on the first island, i must have collected at least fifty that were stuck on poles all together, i didn't see them in the battle though, if they make a sequel please fix these problems, like a world war would be imense, different troop types would be good ( you only get normal viking, legion commander viking and archer) fix the talking problem, and perhaps put in some more stand out features.

  10.  Surprising


    If you read Empire magazine and listen to all these reviewers, then you will hear that there has never been a mind blowing super hero film, i have seen spiderman and the fantastic four and some other marvel films and only spiderman really stood out to me, when i went to see this, i was expecting another average superhero film, my opinion at the end, NO WAY, this film is wicked, the action is great, the jokes are funny, even though the story is a bit wobbly, this is still a great film, Iron Man is a great superhero film that surprised me on how good it actually was. Great film for superhero fans.