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  1.  Rambo is awesome again!


    I went into the cinemas expecting something average and came out with a big grin on my face. This film is what I wanted Rambo to always be. Just pure kick ass action and seeing the bad guys getting wasted :) Sly is at his best here, even at an old age, he still manages to pull it off. This was made for the action movie fans (if you don't like action then don't bother) This is a real man's film!

  2.  Wow!


    Played the demo a few times, and man I love this game! The graphics are superb and the gameplay is fantastic simply because of the fact that you can change your characters swiftly all with different abilities. What really does the game for me is the character designs, they are all so damn cool looking and the whole clive barker feel of the game. After playing this demo like 5 times now I def will buy this game 100%

  3. Conan


    Xbox 360

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     Very Enjoyable


    It's not god of war...but does it have to be? Come on! It's a great game in it's own right and it does one thing better than god of war and thats the counters. Conan has an insane amount of counters depending on whatever weapon he picks up, and theres a lot. It's short, but it's got a good combat system, nice character model on conan and the naked maidens you must save thru out the game and akanna. The boss battles are very well done. The enemy AI is also pretty tough, they don't really go easy on you, thats why you'll spend most of your time countering which is always awesome. The bad side of this game is, at times the sound effects are none existent, which is really lame. That's my only problem with it. It may not be on the same budget as god of war/ ninja gaiden/devil may cry/ but it's still a great game. Especially for 360 owners whi will never experience god of war, conan is still pretty fun. Good action, cool story, cool character, epic boss fights, naked girls. You can't really complain!

  4.  Fantastic anime movie!


    This is the 2nd anime movie of vampire hunter D based on the 3rd novel. Is it as good as the original? Now thats a tough question. It is very well animated and character designs are beautiful, infact in terms of the art style and visuals this is kawajiri's best. As far as story goes, there isn't as much action in it as the original but the plot is pretty good and quite different. There were some really awesome characters like Myer link the vampire who kidnapped a girl and being hunted down by D, and the marcus brothers who are a group of bounty hunters after D's bounty. In the end it's about who gets there first, but Myer link is powerful and is protected by bodyguards with freakish abilities. There is more to this story in end and it's not as simple as it seems. In the end it's a very good anime movie and a good sequel to the original.

  5.  Bigger, Deeper & Better than the first!


    What made me love this film was not Jack sparrow but Davy Jones! Everything about him was amazing, one of the most amazing cgi characters ever created thanks to the star wars folks at ILM. I found myself sitting through out the film just waiting for the davy jones scenes lol! But don't get me wrong, I love the plot and many of the characters, Jack sparrow was still amazing and as always stole the show . It was a lot deeper than the first and you really had to pay attention to what was going on. In my opinion it was better than the first.

  6.  Another Kawajiri masterpiece


    Kawajiri has done it again! He's also made the Highlander franchise a lot cooler! The story is nice, about a guy hunting down his rival through out the ages and whats cool about this is we get to see all the different time periods from, Rome, to dark ages England, feudal japan, WWII to a futuristic america. The character designs are typical of kawajiri's style, which I like to describe as anime for adults.

    If you've never seen a kawajiri anime a good place to start is ninja scroll.
    But if you are familiar with his work, then you will not be dissapointed with Highlander: Searchj for vengeance. It's what you'd expect from the genius anime director.

  7.  Timeless classic


    This film came out in the late 70's so people who want great special effects look somewhere else. What this film has though is a great plot, great characters and great passion. John Milius is a great director, there are so many moments in this film that take my breath away, right at the beginning where conan's father tells him about the story of gods, man and giants, where conan rides on his horse across lanscapes in search of the man who killed his people and with great score coming from basil poledouris. Great scenes where conan and his comrade discuss who worships the better god only to be outwitted in the end, another scene where conan discovers the atlantean sword in a tomb of an unknown king, there is no dialogue but what makes it so wonderful is the score and arnie's portrayal of conan. I could name so many scenes but I'll end up writing the entire plot. It's truly one of the best fantasy films ever made and a timeless classic.

  8.  One of the best star wars films


    Before ep:III if you asked me what the best star wars film was, I would have said ep:V Empire strikes back. Now I would say it's between ep: III and ep: V. Theres a lot that makes ep:III awesome and so much better than the other prequels. It kicks off with an amazing space battle sequence accompanied by an amazing score which made me wet myself at the cinema, General Grievous is a cool villain with coughing problems, great light saber fights infact the best light sabre fights ever choreographed in a star wars film, some really cool locations like the lava planet, and how everything wrapped up in the end with the clones turning on the jedi. Great ending where vader and sidious watch the death star being built.
    Only 1 thing I would say that stops this film from being 100% perfect is anakin turning to the darkside too easily, but you could argue that the only thing on anakin's mind was saving padme's life and he would do anything even kill jedi! (anakin...what an evil bastard)

  9.  Better than Lord of the rings!


    Yeah, I said it! It's better than lord of the rings!!! why? it's all down to one charcater...Druss the legend. I don't think there's ever been a more hardcore/ bad ass character in the history of fantasy novels since Conan! And oh my god if there were to be a movie about this novel it'll be too much for the brain to handle. The battles are crazy, the characters are great, I guarantee you after reading this novel you'll want to put on some armour and go out to battle!

  10.  Best novel I've ever read!


    There's so much that happens in this novel, it being the first of four out of the rigante sagas. I cried 3 times!!! And I think it may be the best book I've ever read (I enjoyed it that much).