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  1.  Amazing!


    She's actually improved lots from the series of Britains got talent, such a great artist, you can really appreciate her voice when listening to it!

  2.  Funny as ever


    Such a great cast, such a good laugh, it's just brilliant lol. Some really sick things happen in this though, quite gory but comic relief is all over it.

  3.  Good Game but you need space


    Us pc gamers are probably used to having massive hard drives. I have 500gb and am using 140gb at the moment.
    however what shocked me is this game uses up 15gb. Its about 6 hours long. Its what would be called a poor port. Avoid if you have low space. Its good fun though but does get reppetative.

  4.  Avoid If ou want the wii to live and save cash


    Its utter balls this game. 4 levels. completed in half and hour. one level is a tutorial and its games like this that will make the wii crumble like a purple gamecube

  5.  Dont Let Your Wii Live Without It


    Your wii has been logging on to the internet channel every night when you go to bed drueling over videos of mario's new 3-D adventure. As soon as you buy it and bput the Disk in you will hear the sound of joy and happiness come from your wii in the sound of Its-a-me-mario.

  6.  This game should be avoided!


    Please dont buy this. Terrible games like this shall make the wii sink. Its not an FPS its overhead and it just sucks really bad I remmeber ONM reviewing it with something under 50%

  7.  Lovely, PC compatible, But the GCN was better.


    It's a very nice controller. I love it, compatible with pc and if you are a pc gamer then this is so much better for sports games and some rpg's. It plays beautifully and is really nice fit to the hand and feels like the gamecube controller with a bit more weight. But the gamecube controller is the most confortable of all time. The playstation controller is kind of out the window cos it just hurts and gives you blisters n stuff. Better than PS3, cant compare with the epic Wii remote because its so different. 360 is the best controller for the Nex gen excluding wii.

    Its kind of better to buy the wireless if you want to sit quite a distance from the tv and your better off buying the wireless than this and a cable extender even if it is cheaper.

  8.  Own it


    If you dont own this you fail at life. Its the best ever. Wallace and gromit is the best.

  9.  Funny, Will Ferrel at his best.


    He was great in anchor man and i was looking forward to seing another will ferrel film. so off to the cinema i went. a completely unexpected story as i had not seen any of the reviews or trailers and it was brilliant its so funny. and then there is the finalle brilliant. on the surround sound its perfect.

  10.  Fun For all the family.


    This console is great. i unboxed the tiny little thing on christmas day and was suprised at the beauty of it. The games i buy just keep rolling in. Resident evil four is awsome. Wii sports is one of the best multi-player experiences availible to the public. Unlike the other next generation console's the wii is set at a nice price and comes with Wii sports. I advise you buy a second wii remote and nunchuck with your console to enjoy boxing and other awsome games that use the nuchuck style controler. Enjoy your experience with the wii and I hope you enjoy it.