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  1.  Lets moan alot about re-inventing ! Please ! Just enjoy !


    I started going to see bond films when Sean gave up and Roger came in, he got old, and the fims started to become turn around offerings, less action, and more slap stick with every title, THEN along came Tim and things became a little darker, a little more serious, and a lot more interesting, then they dropped him because the public reaction was he didnt fit the bill, never mind about box office takings. Pirece came in with Goldenye and yet again things turned around, but the storylines became bland, and the one liners became cheesy and cheap, there is a trend here you could say, each new Bond has started gritty and then ended up almost a joke of Flemings creation, spy=comedy=no thanks, we all loved the old Bond fims, a Christmas treat on TV and great to own on DVD for a nostalgic moment, Live and Let Die is still one of my fav' films of all times, but its time to let the new in, and let go of the past a little, Casino Royale was a fresh twist, Quantum was the follow up to a film bigger than a lot of people give it credit for, and its going to be a little flatter than Casino because you have to start somehwere, lets see where it goes, lets just ride with it, two films in, one goes down in history as the best Bond ever, the sequel gets a luke warm reception and people are writing Craig off. Quantum is a great Bond film, just like they all where the first time round. Just enjoy !

  2.  Great Fun !!!!!


    Take a look at the price, this aint no godfather or casino royale, in fact it aint no big blockbuster 'die-hard' experience, but, its a good fun action flick that the 80's and 90's spawned in the early days of the 'just make it to the box office for week or so' and then fade out, as quick as it came.

    Switch of brain, engage eyes, and watch, one for the miami vice generation, and if you want more don go and buy 'dead bang' its another under-rated action film.

  3.  Love your body, Larry!


    Fletch and Fletch lives are, and probably will, remain the best Chevy films, they look 80's and feel 80's, but stand up so well, the comedy is as good now, as when it was written, almost pythonesque in some scenes, with great throw-away lines, H.F. provides the title score, which could have been grabbed from Beverly Hills Cop, (what a film that would have made Fletch and Axel!) Laugh out loud, great entertainment, !! But dont just take my word for it, go see Dr Rosen-Rosen. !!



    Yet again another reason to rinse more money out of the Star Wars fan, just how many different versions on DVD can you put out, next week :- The complete collection in an Easter Egg with Jelly Beans shaped like Darth!!!!

  5.  Best Spooks Series so far


    Every series of spooks gets better and better, but, and its a big but, this title was up for release in Feb this year not Oct, why has this title been put back?? It makes my blood boil !!



    How do you review a film that takes a franchise and stands it on its head, twirls it round and bodyslams it against a wall of nails?. This film is a thrill-a-minute ride for old and new fans alike, 110% what Bond should be about, grit and depth in every scene. Youll love it!!! Bring on Bond 22!!



    After seeing this at the cinema just after the release date, I have to report that this film leaves most of the so called 2007 blockbusters flapping around like half dead fish, get this film, and admire everything about it, the action genre stepped up a notch when they put this film in the can. Its confirmed that 'Bond 22' are using the same action directors that worked on Ultimatum, and if thats anything to go by, James is up for a great ride!!



    I stumbled accross Miami Vice in the 80's mid season 2 on the beeb, and was forever hooked on the sights and sounds of this groundbreaking (MTV) cop show, I lived for 10.10pm on a Monday night, and when I wasnt in for it, I would set the VCR and take my Escort W reg 1.6 ghia out into the country side for a pint with my mates and drive to the music of the series at top volume, funny thing the 80's, it was a great time, I was in my teens and loving it, as the years past I never fell out of love with the series, finding that each season was better than ever, and with the times catching up with Crockett and Tubbs, it finished them off in season 5, until the film was released, which M.M. did us proud. Season five works well, the stories are rich and the music better, and then it was over, and we the fans mourned, and it took years for universal to get there arses in gear to release the box sets, back to the 90's and I have to say its a shame that season six was never even thought about. Don Jonson never did do anything better than play James Sonny Crockett. Old Miami Vice fans (you already know) and new alike youll love every season get them all!!!

  9.  Whos the best?


    Dr Who, since it started back in the 60's has been one of the most loved, and at times hated programmes the BBC has ever made, this is by far, fresh and re-invented with Neil at the helm of the Tardis you wonder when its all going to go wrong again, like it did for Sylvestor all those years ago, but, at the moment this batch of new episodes are among the best in the 3 series we have seen recently, what a ride, wonder what JNT says to himself on a Saturday night these days. Get it, love it.

  10. Stella


    Yello - CD

    26 New from  £5.19  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.94

     Yello - Stella - Its so retro, yet so upto date.


    Yello have been, and still remain one of the most eccentric, yet popular recording artists of the 80's onwards, and to put a name on there music like 'dance' or 'new wave' would be stupid, its something you love or hate and Stella is an album that defines there sound so well, get this just to drive to, and if you, like me love Miami Vice from the 80's, youll waat to play this and collect the other albums by Yello just on the strength of that.