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  1.  Complete and utter garbage!!


    Rented this from Blockbuster Wednesday. The single player was around 1 hour long, but the game itself was hard to control, they felt stiff and touch controls were bad. Game itself was very boring, missions were lackluster and dull. Graphics looked decent for Vita but that's about it.

    MP was fun for about 20 mins, then all the disconnection, errors and lag started to happen, bugs and glitches too. Got stuck in several areas in both MP and SP.

    This game is just horrible. Do not Buy this trash. lets wait for these developers to make something a lot better on Vita.

  2.  The best game ever created in 3D.


    Lets not beat around the bush, OoT back in 1998 was groundbreaking, earths shattering and simply phenomenal. Now it's probably less of those things but with the added 3D perception and improved textures it's still one of the most memorable and most epic experienes for the action adventure genre.

    Lets for 1 minute forget that OoT even existed before and treat it as a new game. The game is strcutured in a similar way to older adventure games..go to new area, beat boss and progress. Only this timethey've added an overworld for this and towns that people actually live in for you to interact with. On top of this the dungeons are very creative, very well paced and have some amazing boss levels. Music is also really well done with some catchy Ocarina tunes that you will play over and over again.

    The games scope is smaller in this day and age but it's on a handheld so you don't lose that epic scale of the world. The controls are fluid and the game runs much smoother than the original N64 version, in fact the game has some added features such as Boss Select and a Mirrored Master Quest mode.

    This is simply put the best 3DS game out so far and even though it's not saying much it's the game that a lot of people bought the 3DS for initially. The 3D effects actually are the most impressive for this system, they give a depth like most of the othergames but also help enhance the scope of the world when you are exploring.

    My message is for people who haven't played Ocarina of Time....please...please try this game out. Unfortunately you will never exeprience what so many people did back in 1998 but even today this game is stil relevant and can still proivide a magic feeling that most other games are just incapable of.

    My Biased OoT fanboy heart says 10/10 5 stars but my honest objective critical head says 9/10 but still 5 stars since it's rounded up :P