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  1.  Don't Miss It


    This is a must see comedy series. Made by the league of gentlemen creators but in my opinion is better.
    First episode not the best but definatlety the funniest. Episode 5 was a bit of a disapointment but the the rest is amazing.
    Would reccorment to all comedy lovers.
    Even if you don't the the main story line there are still lots of litle jokes and random bits that are bound to make you laugh.

  2.  OMG!


    As well as Wrestlemaina 24, Wrestlemaina 20 and Summerslam 2003 this is the best sports dvd in the world. John Cena vs Edge in the TLC match is just the match that kept me on my feet and Cena does an awesome move.

  3.  One of two that's the best


    This is the best Main Event ever (as well as Summerslam 2003) the ladder match is so exiting and just.... everthing is ace, every single match. Worth the buy.

  4.  Best Superhero Movie Ever Created


    It's like two stories in one, it's all about the joker in thew first bit and later, well, I won't tell you the villan in the later part of the story, it'll spoile it for you. Better than batman begins by far, the opening scene it pretty good and there it one scene where you can't take you're eyes off the screen - it involves boats - brilliant film but if you not a fan of long films then you probably won't like this too much but if you don't mind how long films are then you'll love it.

  5.  Best so far...


    Little Britain USA is by far the funnyiest little britain yet. Episode 6 is the funnyiest with Carol ("Computer Say's No"). This is one for all little britain fans, you won't be dissapointed.
    Not including family guy it's probably the funnyest thing on T.V ever.
    A Must Have! :) HA HA HA!!!!!!



    My headline says it all, this realy is the best comedy of all time, great story and a whole lotta crude.
    Some awesome songs, if you buy this which you must, you have to buy the CDs and Tenacious D will become your favourite band ever.
    But if you hate rock and are very religious, this is not the film for you.
    JB and KG

  7.  Awesome action


    This is one of the best action films I've ever seen and to a rating of 12, it's lucky, personaly I think it should be a 15 but it's been about 6 years since I've seen it so it might not be as bad as I remeber.
    All I know for sure is that it is action packed.

  8.  It's OK


    I gotta say, I was pretty disapointed with this film. I thought it was gonna be perfect, you know a psycho with a knife and people can't escape because their hurt too much. But it's just not scary not much of a story not as exsiting as it looks on the trailer. See it if you want but it's not a movie witch I'd watch again though.
    But still give it a go, you might like it, but I didn't really.

  9.  Nooooooo


    This is an awesome album, great performance but so sad that the black parade is dead! NOoooooo

  10.  Jackass funnyer


    Jackass is funnyer than Dirty Sanchez, but this is still funny. If I were to reccormend Sanchez or Jackass it would be Jackass no question.