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  1.  its ok


    The first 2 games in the series are far better in my opinion. The area's in which you have to battle through are dull and repetitive compared to the original. This game is over hyped, it IS a decent game but just not up to the others standards. I've replayed the other GOW but this'll be traded soon. There are the new grubs to fight like diggers which are boomers but say 'dig' and mini corpsers but ithe same old things.
    its ok but not great!

  2.  Not as good as AOG 1


    This is the usual poor sequel to a great first. Jackie tries to find nazi gold in the desert which is also being hunted by a former nazi. There are some stunts but not upto the quality of his other movies like Project A and police story. There are some funny bits and I suppose for 4 quid you can't really complain.

  3.  80's finest


    The 1980's were the best decade for horror movies I think and this little known stalk and slash is another gem that really didn't get the recognition it deserved.
    The school geek is bullied and has cruel tricks played on him until one of the pranks goes too far and he gets seriously injured. Years later the culprits all get invited to the school reunion, even though the school is now empty and deserted. One by one the teens get picked off as Marty (the geek) takes his revenge.
    Ok its not the most polished film ever but its a good watch and anyone that likes their horror movies abit cheesy would like this. I've been hoping this would be dvd released as I've had the vhs for donkeys years!

  4.  RES EVIL Beater


    This game beats RES Evil 5 hands down. The controls are smoother and the game itself isn't as serious. You conrol a guy that hunts demons and when his girl is kidnapped by a powerful one you have to journey through hell to get her back alive. It has funny one-liners and has an adult theme running through it so maybe not recommended for young kids!
    The shooting is like RES 4, you target with an infra red dot and can take off demons arms, legs and heads. Taking out their legs means you can finish them off by jumping on them as they crawl after you.
    You have to balance light areas (safe) and dark which eats at your energy until you leave. You have to go into the darkness to turn off some door locks but don't stay too long as your health goes and there is alot more demons in the darkness after you.
    If you're a fan of SH games definitely get this, with 10+hours gameplay its value for money and is great fun too.

  5.  it doesn't change


    Alice is a good game for the first few hours but soon drags on and on with no change in the game play and boring levels. The good thing about Alice is the longevity is very good so you get a good 10 hours from it but a bit of variety would have made this so much better! There are mini games to play but the controls are poor on them.
    The weapons are different and you have to use a variety of them to overcome the bigger baddies. There are cut scenes and mini walkabouts in victorian London but all you do is walk around, whats the point of that? You collect bottles but with no aim. i got to the point of getting to the end of the level just to finish it quicker. Its a shame because its a throwback to games of the past but it needed just a tweak to become great.

  6.  Decent sequel for a change


    Like I said in the review for the first Hatchet movie, its not a film you have to think about its mindless slasher action. It is however quite enjoyable. It has basically copied Friday 13th but in a swamp. Again there is plenty of gore here and plenty of ways Victor disposes of his victims, sanders,chainsaw, brute strength etc.... Candyman has a part in it (not as candyman) he assembles a team of mercenaries to hunt down victor and kill him but not many survive. Its a great fun low budget horror, think 'Braindead' and you're close to this.

  7.  Just like the 80's slashers


    If you like 80's slasher movies then this is very similar to the movies knocked out in that decade. If you like your horror movies to be intelligent and where you have to think about things then forget this. This is old school horror, mad man in the woods, or swamp in this case with an anger problem that kills everyone he meets.
    Its rough around the edges, acting not brilliant but its a good movie none the less. Its very much like friday 13th, lots of gore and numerous ways the madman comes up with to kill his victims. I'm a sucker for this kind of mindless horror so enjoyed it for what it is but don't expect something like scream, it ain't that intelligent!

  8. Husk



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     similar to children of the corn


    What is it with corn fields and them having bad things in them, makes you wonder how the green giant makes a living! If you've seen children of the corn, its similar to that but this is better i'd say. A group of friends are driving down a road surrounded by cornfields when they have an accident, they spot a farmhouse through the corn and go looking for help. The scarecrows come to life and go to maim and kill the group in gory ways. You won't need your brain for this one but it surprised me by how entertaining it was.

  9.  tenchu zzzzzzzzzz


    This game wouldnt look out of place in anyones megadrive collection. Its not good enough to call it a 360 game. The controls are awkward and the balance between visible and hidden in darkness is useless. You try to hide in the shadows and the guard still spots you.
    If you'd like to tme travel play this and you'll be catapulted back 15 years!

  10.  Just plain bad


    Most movie to game conversions are poor and this is one of the poorest. It plays like a sega mastersystem game. Its very very repetitive, small areas fighting the skeletons and ghosts and the occasional bigger baddy and thats it. Don't waste your time with this.......ever!