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  1.  Funniest film i've seen in a long time.


    This movie is really really funny. My partner chose this as i thought it was going to be a chick flick but i was wrong. I was laughing harder than she was. Forgot watching it at the cinema, you need the dvd as the 'unrated' version on the dvd is brilliant. I was in stitches within the first 3 minutes. I can't recommend this movie enough.

  2.  good film, strange ending.


    I was actually really enjoying this film until the last 20 mins. Without spoiling the ending for the people who haven't seen it this is a really good film. But what was that ending all about. It's very random and it spoilt the entire film for me so only 2 stars from me.

  3.  pretty pants


    the special effects are great. the story is pretty translucent. overall it's not my cup of tea. but the actress is really hot, i suppose thats a bonus. not really worth buying tho.

  4.  a lot better than expected


    decent horror movie. not really into all this vampire crap thats coming out at the minute but my partner chose this and i really enjoyed it. well worth a watch.

  5.  same old same old


    not too bad a movie to be fair but all the american horror films now a days are all the same. good looking big breasted blondes falling over. yawn. to be fair tho i didn't expect who the killer was. trying to guess the entire way through and i was wrong. so thats good i suppose but other than that expect the same old stuff from american horrors.

  6.  great movie


    this is a great movie. its an awesome fantasy action flick. good acting and good story, very original.

  7.  the best horror in years


    in my opinion this is the best horror film made in the last 10 years. i know its a remake but i'm not really one for reading a movie so this english version does it for me. great acting and a great story line. one of my fav films

  8.  pretty same ole same ole


    don't get me wrong this movie isn't terrible. it's just OK. the acting was pretty good but we've seen it all before. pervy stalker watches over girl then she finds out blah blah blah. the two lead roles were good tho dont get me wrong.

  9.  great film


    this is a really good film. it is like a female version of bourne. good watch tho, good acting, and a really interesting story line.

  10.  I agree with the other review


    the 1st half is a lot better than the 2nd. it looks like no effort went into to the look of the ghosts. just look like normal people with a bit of white make up on. special effect could have been better. was a little bored by the end but the 1st half kept me interested.