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  1.  only one real annoyance


    The camera as a whole is great! Touch screen is vary accurate, it's extremely user friendly and takes amazing pictures. The front screen is a great idea but when your out in dark places you cannot see yourself at all. That doesn't bother me but my only compliant is that when recording video if you zoom in our out the sound is muted while you do so. This means if recording live music or the like that you end up with the sound cutting out on you, I have been told it is so you don't hear the sound from the motor as the lens moves which I can understand but it is annoying. Overall a very good camera with some of the best quality pictures I have ever seen from a compact.

  2.  Great


    I have OCD and was given this book as one of the books on prescription though my therapist. I couldn't put it down, I related to everything in it and has helped me understand the nature of this disorder a lot more. The first part of the book is an account of Toates life with some great examples as to how he has been effected by this disorder and the second part focuses on how to help overcome this debilitating and horrible condition. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a few answers.

  3.  a good addition


    I got one of these because I need to be able to turn my router on from upstairs and down. I already had the starter kit and didn't wanna pay for a new remote. Now I can operate everything downstairs as normal with the remote and just my router from upstairs with this nice little box on my wall. :) Also to anyone else wondering how you set this you have to prize the front off with a small screw driver (this is strangely not covered in the instructions so took me a while to figure out because I didn't wanna break it!)

  4.  Sooo Bad


    It's actually a comedy! lol I laughed so hard watching this film, it's just so bad! Everything that people have previously said to be good just isn't The plot, the effects, the cast - all horrible. It really is that poor!

  5.  not for kids


    I got this a long time ago from somewhere else and to be honest I'm a bit gutted it has gotten more popular :( but yeah the knives really are good which makes it a decent buy.

  6.  meh


    I could probably get into this game if it weren't for the fact you are forced to use the analogue sticks! I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to button mash on any fighting game!

  7.  why did they have to mess with the songs?


    I got this early because like every GH game it's region free so I chose to import it. It's a good game and new fans will like it as the controls are as smooth as ever, hammer-ons and pull-offs work great but you have to ask yourself are these songs really the greatest of the lot? - No + they have made the songs REALLY easy to play. Put it this way - You can play free bird with one hand for about 3 mins and I can do the intro to through the fire and flames on Hard with my Big Toe because of all them stupid strung together slider notes - not impressed :(

  8.  Marmite for the eyes


    Love flight of the Conchords liked this but like the other guy said it is a bit childish at times. I wanted to enjoy this but listening to a guy make robot noises throughout his whole set really gets boring and just doesn't do it for me. I think he should try some more original stand up cos he has the voice to tell it well!

  9.  it's one of them


    It sort of borders on cool/tacky In the night it is fun and does look quite stunning but at other times it is a cheap plastic thing hanging off your tap. I would only buy this if you have a chrome single tap, bachelor pad or really need it for your kids! If they ever make these in metal that come with a tap then we are talking but as it does not sit flush it just seems wrong in my opinion.

  10.  Not that great


    It is so hard not to judge this game against fight night but I am sorry it just isn't up to par! Having played a real boxing game this is not worth the money at all. Started career mode and I will stick it out if only for achievements, the buttons are bad as is the movement. The graphics are shoddy in comparesen to fight night too