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  1.  New Direction


    So the guys have gone with a slightly different feel on this album. For me it's a bold move as sometimes this can alienate certain fans, but they have really hit the nail on the head with this for me.
    Some great rockin tunes and some with a lot of feeling.
    Just listen to screaming bloody murder, Jessica Kill & Crash. Some real variety in there. Derek is really under appreciated in the music industry for me, he's a great song writer!
    Possibly their best music to date, possibly.....

  2.  Dead Space 2


    Incredible game, i played the first, and wasnt all that into it, but this one looked a little more my thing. Perhaps I'm wrong and didnt give the first one a chance, but it seems they have seriously upped their game and delivered a game which has plenty of action and scares! (although i think the action can take away from the nerve shredding side of the game as did resident evil 4) still, brillian game, and well worth the money! 5stars would be jumping the gun, its not perfect, but still a very very good 4stars...

  3.  Good Game, Way too short though!


    I was hoping there would be big improvements of the first game, but there werent really any!
    a few bits here and there, but the game was extremely short!
    felt very much a button mashing game too, not all that much skill involved to complete.
    Worth a rental as theres no reason for keeping it long term... will be trading in my copy as soon as to get maximum value back for it!

  4.  Graffiti


    This is a brilliant album, on par, if not better than 'Exclusive'.
    It won't do as well as it could have because of what he's done, but i still love this guys music so i bought it.
    Songs like I can transform ya & Fallin' down make this an album thats worth a listen alone.
    For the fans he has left, BUY IT!

  5.  Left 4 Dead 2


    A lot of people are saying this is more DLC then a new game because its "just melee weapons", but this couldnt be further from the truth.
    Yes there are melee weapons, as well as new guns, new ammunition types, new health boosters, new special infected, varied weather conditions, new characters, new and longer campaigns, new game modes.
    Even some of the finales are slightly different, as you no longer simply wait for recue!
    On top of all that the graphics are improved!

    I just wonder how much this would have cost in DLC??
    it wouldnt have been one package, and at probably 5-7quid a pop, could be anything from around 40-60 quid's worth!

    A great buy, but if you arent fussed about all that stuff, go for the original at whatever bargain prices you can find it at now!

    For me though, this is a ,must buy!

  6.  Best Film of 2009!


    As soon as i came out of the cinema, there was no doubt in my mind that i would be buying this on blu ray.
    Simply brilliant, the characters, the plot, the setting, it all just blends gloriously to create what i can only describe as a very bloody and intriguing masterpiece!

  7.  Fantastic!


    Normally i would have said these programme's are boring and not paid attention to them, without even giving it a chance!
    the promise of the best HD images attracted me to this, and I'm glad it did.
    The best HD pictures I've seen yet and it's actually really interesting! A must buy for all blu ray owners!

  8.  Another great from Green Day


    This is a great album, its not what we have come to expect from them (what with the ballads and pure rock of American Idiot) but theres some great songs.
    definately worth buying!

  9.  Guess Who's Back!


    Eminem has pulled out all the stops for this album.
    Its hard hitting lyrics with great beats and some catchy tunes.
    not for the faint of heart, as always, but a real belter of an album.
    Much better then Encore in my opinion.

  10.  Rule 3 - Never open this package!


    A real shame, the 1st film provided an action packed adventure. the series seemed to just go downhill from there on in.
    Transporter 3 is a poor show from these guys, a lot of talking from a poor cast who seem to be z list actors and alot of the action sequences (if not all of them) are sped up which completely ruins the film.