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  1.  Great value, good product


    I bought this as a first forray into external storage, and really can't praise it higher. I use it for all of my Itunes music, and regularly play directly from it with no problems whatsoever. It also acts as a storage device for all of my other media without fault. I'm a little worried about complaints of it stopping, I've got irreplacable data on there. Though I don't run it ALL the time, it's not got anything stored on or next to it, and it seems perfectly happy. Quiet and efficient. Would totally recommend it. Specially now at the price it's at. Just be wary, Formatted it's about 465gb, and it doesn't half fill up quick. I'm in the market for a 1TB jobbie to sit along side it.

  2.  brilliant


    Watching season 1 was my guilty pleasure. I enjoyed it, I just knew that I shouldn't be. It was a little gawdy, and the first steps stumbled and struggled a bit. But it was still enjoyable.

    In other news. Season 2 hit the nail firmly on the head. It proved to be a fantastically paced series with plenty of well thought out (and produced) action, mixed in with a fair chunk of heavy emotional stuff too. Every episode seemed to pick up pace on the one before, leading to an exemplary and outstanding couple of finale episodes.

    Absolutely recommended to anyone and everyone, regardless of your pre-conceived aversions.

  3.  Hardcore.


    I've never been a rambo fan. I never quite 'got' it.
    Then i heard a rumour that an aged stallone was going to make a finale, and had to check in.
    The trailer was brilliant, and cemented it for me.

    As has been said many a time, there's no story here. But what there is, is near non stop action and gore. It's one of the most violently bloody 'war' films i think i ever have seen, and it's brilliant for it.

    So much so that you even forgive the poor editing and direction. And even let them slide on the numerous under-cranked scenes (specially toward the end) which were either done to make it appear more 'action-full', or to get everything in to a time slot.

    If you like a good bit of violence and find it impossible not to laugh and gape at people being turned comically into jam, then you can't go wrong.

  4.  Genius


    This film barely even opened in the cinemas before it vanished.

    What a ridiculously under appreciated film. It truly was a work of genius.

    Scribing from a long tested western format, this movie took off in an exciting, intriguing and adventurous fashion.
    With brilliantly engaging and hilarious characters, you couldn't help but commit to the film.

    I couldn't recommend it any more highly. An action, comedy, western with brilliant cinematography, and a proper story. A must see/buy.

  5.  Compatibility


    RE: the XP question.
    I've played it on my VISTA x32 system, and it ran fine. You'd think then that it'd run on XP.

    Also. Brilliantly addictive and entertaining game.

  6.  Tedious.


    The premise for this film seemed great. It looked like it was going to be an exciting and entertaining film of visual style and interesting content.

    'Turns out it wasn't.
    Incredibly tedious, and seriously over-long, the movie just about edges by with all the pace of an asthmatic tortoise. 2 hours ends up feeling more like 4.
    And sadly the visual style runs out of puff rapidly, soon leaving you with a terribly edited mess of under thought over styled content-less drivel with a story that's so complex and poorly explained that it can't help but be confusing and incredibly difficult to follow.

    If you ever get the opportunity to miss it.......do.