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  1.  Marvel-ous!


    Never been one for fighting games but love Marvel comics so gave this a go.
    The graphics/animations are the best representation of Marvel Characters EVER in a video game, honestly, its just how you would want them designed. The mechanics of the fighting are fairly easy to get into and the more you play the better you get, online can be demoralising but keep at it, not everyone out there is a whizz kid! Playing at home offline versus is a blast and mission mode is great to master moves and unlock goodies. Just bought the DLC for 400MS for Steve Rogers SuperSoldier, Thor Classic and Iron Patriot! Beautiful! Shadow mode is free DLC where you can try beat the makers of the game! Can't put this baby down! Go Get, see you online - mrcheekychops

  2.  Set repulser rays to cool!


    Lets get something clear from the start, this isn't Gears of War or Assassins Creed, but for a movie tie -in it does the job.
    Plenty of upgrades, suits and comic fans will appreciate the baddies/suits.
    Its easier to get to grips with than the first one.
    It reminds me why I like games, for fun!
    Ys the graphics could be sharpr, the cutscenes aren't the best but, hey, you can fly around as warmachine or Tony and shoot stuff!?
    Worth it at 25 pounds, Got mine for 21 pounds on pre-order elsewhere.
    Jarvis, I'm ready!

  3.  Love it!


    Debated for months on whether to get this or a 3000. Well I used to have the original psp but couldn't stand the disc spinning scratchy noise you get, went for this pspgo and it is beautiful. Ok some games are a couple of pounds more but for the noise reduction and portability this is awesome. Loaded it so far with killzone, Marvel comics and LBP, fits in the pocket. Get a leather pull up case and a screen protector and your ready to go erm..PSP GO!

  4.  Manilow is GREAT!


    Okay, If you love Manilow, you'll love this, thats a given, but what of non- manilow afficianados? Yes its a covers album, but what Barry does unlike almost every cover album you see out there, is he turns it into his own interpretation and adds his own arrangement , There are so many out and out classics here, it would be wrong to single one out but, you know what, run a hot bath, take the phone off the hook, have a glass of your choice and put this on, Barry soothes your soul, enjoy....



    So I tried this and Virtua Tennis, man, VT was really not responding well to the motionplus and the controls were very strange...
    But GRAND SLAM TENNIS is absolutely amazing, the shots feel very true, backspin, topspin, lob, slice etc, the best part is the online play which always has over 200 people ready to play online against you.
    This game is great in 2 player with split screen too.
    Most played game ever, and I have a 360 too which I've not played on for over two weeks now!

  6.  Barry in vegas - the show everyone must see!


    This dvd is excellent, from the intro where we see Barry arrive backstage in the day, get ready and warm up, to the entire show as paying customers at vegas saw, from beginning to end. It is shot perfectly and the sound is fantastic. Barry is on top form and this is one of his latest gigs caught on dvd. He tells a lovely story about his grandad that leads us into I made it through the rain, hairs on the back of your neck stand up! Loved the Mayflower stuff too. Basically if you loike Barry this is a must, if you've heard a few songs, you should try this, it might just show the unconverted that he is music and he writes the songs!

  7. Joe Perry

    Joe Perry

    Joe Perry (Aerosmith) - CD

    1 New from  £8.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Joe Perry classic!


    This is a classic, joe sings all the songs andplays some awesome riffs! buy, buy buy!

  8.  aerogoodness


    As an aerosmith fan this is heaven, the other bands songs are a good slection too. You can use the guitar with other guitar hero games and rock band too.
    You can't beat a bit of aerosmith, classic!

  9.  Demo played, looks good!


    Not a full review but you get one level of the demo at the moment on the playstation store, its very good, automatic aim, third person, gears of war type game. Hopefully the full game will have some lastability as there will be online multiplayer, one of the must haves for 2009 on psp I think.

  10.  DEAD GOOD!


    Brilliant graphics, excellent gameplay, but the atmosphere is the best, you actually jump out of your skin, and thats with the lights on!, i'm too scared to play it with the lights out....this is a must buy. I want my mummyyyyyyyyyy!