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  1.  This is NOT X-com.


    Cheap remake without all the charming aspects from the old game. Just fast pace, poor strategic, no management. Pooor game.

  2.  What a let down...


    I was really hoping for a game following in the tradition of the old games. Yet another example of dumbing of games. No charm... Where is the tactical bit in this. Your just set on a path with enemies apparing every time on the same spot. So so so dissappointing. I thought the guys who made this game were fans of the old game?...
    Not worth buying for either consoll or pc... This gama cannot be made for consoll and still be as entertaining as the old games....

  3.  Bug ridden!!!


    I absolutely love this game, but it wont let me play. My game froze after 57 hours of gameplay. Jost stopped every time i tried to go to a different section on the map. Terrible!

  4.  I need to have this in my collection!


    You should buy this movie if you are into great dialogues. This movie has plenty of them. Fast, funny and mean, You can watch this movie over and over again. You will find some new details all the time. I can see that some people who likes the more classic mass produced commedy may not like ths movie. I give it a full score. Great!

  5.  I expected more


    This was not good enough. Alot of menues that you really dont need. Mnimal uppgrading and tuning abillities. I dident like it at all. Who the hell needs to unlock some stupid toy to hang in the rear view mirror!!!
    It seems that they focused too much in making a cool game and they have totally forgot to make it a good racing simulation. I would rather spend less money on the first Dirt. Its much better. I would really not reccomend to buy this game before it is sold for less than a 10`er.

  6.  Really poor


    I was not impressed. I think it is just poor acting all over.
    The movie could also have used some background actors, to give the impressioen that the team was not alone in the war. I know its an older movie, but it just gives the impression that it is a very low-budget production. Painting German markings on a pre-war american tank does not make it a Panzer III or IV.... I had high hopes, but what a letdown!!! Sorry, but this was really bad.

  7.  Dosent deserve a rating even.


    This is a warning. Do not buy this movie. It is totally crap. Acting sucks, plot sucks, effects suck... Fortunately for me, I just rented this movie. This movie felt so bad that I just had to warn the rest of you out there.

  8.  Buy it


    I`ve seen the consert on tv and heard it on cd and have been lookin for it on DVD for a really long time now. Finally it has come. This i simply must have.

  9.  Finally


    We can all se that the graphics are not of the best and I must admit that I expected something better in terms of gameplay optiones and graphics. And by the way, the intro was really bad. Just long and unimpressive. But as I see it this game was made to satisfy all the people that would like to experiance the old UFO: X-COM games again. It truly does bring back memories. Even though this games lacks in graphics and gameplay optiones it is truly worth buying for us old fans. I hope that there will be made a new game witch is better in the lacking areas. I will buy it and so will alot of other people as well. Just stic to the style of the old UFO: X-COM games and there will be alot of happy buyers.
    If I had not been a fan I would have given it a low rating, but since I am one of those old X-COM fans I`ll give it credit for the effort to bring back the oldstyle game. With improvment it would be excellent.