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  1.  Good RE Game


    After playing this on the Nintendo 3DS, I was excited about the home console release but to be honest, the entire thing seemed like a lazy and quick opportunity to make money. I thought the transfer to Xbox 360 and PS3 would meant doing away with the bugs and imperfections of the handheld version and adding content and features but neither happened. All the load times remian the same as do some of the glitches. The movement of the characters could have been improved drastically. The original was released after RE5 with most the motions and actions of the characters remaining the same (with the added ability to dodge), however the home console version, released after RE6 left a lot to be desired with regards to character movements and interactions. It almost seems like a backward turn. However the story, average playable hours, weapon and enemy variety, graphics and soundtrack all lead me to conclude it's a good game worth a playthrough 8 out of 10

  2.  An Epic and Futuristic Story of Sword-Wielding Cyborgs


    First of all, if you are an avid fan of the Metal Gear Series, this game doesn't tick the boxes of the traditional Stealth-Action and Tactical Espionage game that has made Metal Gear so successful. It's more of a tribute to the previous games with the only returning character being Raiden, the protagonist from MG2. There are other treats for fans such as the use of Codec, and boss fights with previous Metal Gears, however not enough I feel to appeal to loyal gamers of the series

    If you are new to the Metal Gear Games or just like games with a lot of action packed missions, violent and graphic cutscenes with a good story to match then this isnt a bad game at all. It has all the features of a post modern, techno mad circus with the use and reference of a lot of high-tech AI and electronical tools and weaponry, the twist being that rather than playing as some sort of mercenary whos bursting at the seams with firearms, you play as a ninja, a cyborg ninja whose primary weapon is a high frequency blade. So Slice and Cut your way through the game for as long as you please. My only criticism is it can be quite hard in some places when your not fully prompted or briefed on what to e.g how to defeat certain bosses. Nothing a quick call to mission support can't fix