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  1.  Truly an amazing CD


    Joe Bonamassa is quickly establishing himself as the finest guitarist around today and Dust Bowl is his most accomplished work to date. The opening song 'Dust Bowl' is a great Blues/Rock song through to the deep 'The Last Matador Of Bayonne' this is an amazing CD with great searing guitar riffs, great vocals and arrangements this is a must have for Bonamassa fans and Blues/Rock fans alike. People should also check out 'Live at the Albert Hall' as well to see just how great this man is live

  2.  The definitive story of Pegasus Bridge


    Stephen E. Ambrose has a way of writing that takes the reader into the heart of the battle like no other writer.
    The battle to capture and hold Pegasus Bridge was one of the most important objectives on D-Day and the way that Stephen E. Ambrose tells this story captures the importance and feel of the battle and pays a great tribute to the men who fought and died in Normandy.
    A must read for anyone with an interest in the D-Day and the ensuing battle for Pegasus Bridge.

  3.  A slip in the series


    The latest edition in the Charlie Parker series is somewhat of a let down. All the previous stories in the series have been enthralling with great dark story lines and brilliantly written characters with depth but 'The Burning Soul' feels tired and repetitive and lacks the spark that John Connolly usually brings to his work. Its still a good read but not the usual 5 star story that I've come to expect from a great writer

  4.  The best WW2 Console Shooter Ever !!!!!


    This is, by far, the best WW2 console shooter of all time.
    Ok the graphics are not as sharp as new release games, but it is five years old now, what seperates this game from the rest is the game play, from the outset you are drawn into the action more than any other game in this catagory, the atmosphire is amazing, with great set pieces. With a wide veriety of guns to choose from, varied mission and you play as Russian, American and British soldiers. For the price you cannot get anything better.
    A must buy

  5.  Stephen King at his best


    When the shop 'Needful Things' opens in Castle Rock, it has something for everyone, the thing that you desire the most in the world, but to own what you desire you have to pay a price, and the price soon turns Castle Rock into a living nightmare for it's locals. With echoes of Faust, Needful Things is Stephen King at his best.

  6.  A modern day classic


    This book was a pleasure to read, with a story line that twists and turns from start to finish and with characters that are filled with true emotion. When I put this book back on the shelf, I did so knowing that I would read it again and again. A true modern classic.

  7.  A good ghost story


    The Ghosts of Sleath is the second book in the David Ash series (Haunted being the first) and is a typical James Herbert novel, with great character's and a story line that is deep and keeps you turning the page. The story centres around the small town of Sleath which appears to be haunted and David Ash is called in to investigate. Where as this is not the best book that Herbert has written it is still a great read, but you should read Haunted first.

  8.  Dark, brooding and brilliant


    This is the first book in the Charlie Parker series and one of the best book i've read in years, but be warned this book is not for the faint of heart. From the outset your thrown into a world that is dark and menecing and with the book moving along at high speed it leaves you unable to put it down. Buy this book so you don't miss out on one of the best writers to be published in years.

  9.  It will send you to sleep


    As a big fan of Stephen King i have to say that the title of this book now makes me laugh as it is guarantied to seen you to sleep. At 738 pages long i spent most of my time reading it fighting the urge to put it back on the shelf and forget about it. King may be the master of horror but this book is a huge dissapointment and one to give a miss

  10.  Brilliant


    If you are interested in the second world war, then you have to understand the man who was responsible. This book answers all the question you could ever ask about Adolf Hitler. A lot has been written about this man , but now sixty years after his death a lot of top secret documents have been opened and Kershaw gives the most accurate account of the man who change history forever. A Brilliant book.