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  1.  Should have been better.


    The campaign is excellent if a bit short, that's the good news over, character movement and target aquisition are essential in an FPS, this game sets that back 5 years, Cod 4 was the benchmark in that area, online game play is chaotic at best, snipers and campers are abundant, some degree of realism is nice to have, but when I shoot someone with a 7.62 calibre rifle I expect them to drop in one or two rounds not five or fifteen, its the little things that count!

  2.  Is it just me?


    A big dissapointment, looked good in the ads, saw it in the cinema, a little bit of demon action at the beginning, a little bit at the end, inbetween, utter boredom, I almost fell asleep watching this drivel, there's a reason its 7.99.

  3.  Campers paradise


    Having played Call of Duty 4 non stop for 2 years I was very much looking forward to Modern Warfare 2. I enjoyed the single player game, the spec ops is excellent, but its in multiplayer where the hardcore gamers have been let down terribly, whoever designed the maps is an idiot, every map is perfect for those gamers with little talent and who like to camp, if you move you die and that sickens me, so if hiding in corners is your thing, you'll love Modern Warfare 2, thanks Infinity Ward for ruining what should have been a great game.

  4.  Out of date


    I`ve played the demo, and its like playing the old games on the Playstation 2, theres no better shooters than Graw, COD4 or Rainbow, stick to them.

  5.  Fantastic


    This is sheer action film perfection, a guys films in every way, loved it from the very first second to the last.

  6.  Dissapointing


    The first 2 series are some of the best British comedy I`ve seen for years, but season 3 is very poor, not a patch on the last 2 seasons, must do better for season 4.

  7.  Superb


    Single player is excellent, try it on veteran and you`ll understand the meaning of difficult, on Xbox live the game really shines, although problems with the servers can be a pain, apart from that, the game is fantastic.

  8. Diorama


    Silverchair - CD

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    A must buy album, you won`t regret having this CD in your collection.

  9.  What a letdown


    I`ve loved SG1 since the first season, it just got better each time, until finally it comes to a very sad end, what do they give us for the final season, a poor poor ending, thats what, this could have been the best season ever, with the all powerful Ori conquering all before them, but it was a shamefully dull season, the fans were letdown badly, very little action, boring episodes, and the final show, which started great, turned into probably the worst of the series.

  10.  Superb


    This is the game Gears of war should have been, what a crying shame they didn`t release this on the 360, a missed opportunity, I can`t fault the game in anyway, the graphics, gameplay, and the humour of the characters are all amazing.