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  1.  Very good for the price


    One of the main things that other reviewers have complained about is that its not metal. Have these people seen the price of metal replicas of lightsabers, even scaled down versions. For around 10 quid or sometimes even less, these look brilliant, my sons love them and they work fairly well as torches. For fancy dress these look just as good and often better than others costing a fortune, and so what they can't cut through 60cm thick steel or rampaging Sith lords, for this price, given the excellent construction and the fact its life size, I can forgive its only real failing.
    If you happen to have a two and a half cm thick and seventy cm long length of cylindrical semi transparent perspex, an artistic and diy talent plus a desire for the nearest thing to realism outside Industrial Light and Magic, I dare say you could make a pretty good Light saber in fully energized glory. Might even give it a go myself if the boys ever get bored with it, though thats not likely.

  2.  Made in the PRC


    Thought this would be great for the kids as they love space ships and Lego's so expensive. However, you get what you pay for and in this case its poor molding quality, residue of the molding sprue's, random bags of pieces that don't relate to an individual vehicle or model, individual bricks of different shapes often dont stay together and bags that are not numbered or identified as to which model they relate. Though the number of bricks makes it good value, the quality is a BIG let down. As is often the case, if its cheaper than its rival and has "made in the PRC" on it. don't expect quality, durability or long term value for money.

  3.  Flawed but still very, very good


    Gettysburg is superb with great screenplay, direction and acting and though the battle scenes are excelent they are a little clinically bloodless. This is obviously to enable a 12 certificate and because of the limited budget, but it at some level fails to communicate the absolute visceral horror of napoleonic stratergy against the first use of mechanised warfare (European generals still hadn't learnt the lessons 50 years later, hence the slaughter of WW1). However, its still a superb film.
    Gods and Generals is a much weaker film, perhaps because of the subject matter. "Stonewall" Jackson was a bible thumping religious zelot of the Old testement kind, and in trying to portray Jackson, the religious element of his persona dominated the film, becoming at times like sitting in church with a rather tedious sermon droning on. Whereas Gettysburg was about many varied characters but only a relatively limited number of events, G and G's attempt to explore Jackson but only lightly sketch in the other characters led to quite a dull film at times. I know that the memory of Jackson is revered in the US, particularly in the south, but perhaps because the film tries so much to portray only jackson and therefore cannot escape the limitations of his character, the film is bogged down in the biography of one man, and a man who, though brave and at times charismatic, was also callous, brutal and dull.
    As for the DVD's themselves, the extras seam a little limited, though considering the length of the films you couldn't fit much extrea on the DVD's anyway. The subtitles are good and very useful if you've got to limit the volume because the kids are asleep!
    At the price Play.com is offering this pair of films, BUY THEM, because though G & G's is flawed, the boxed set is still worth every penny.
    And as someone else has commented, there was supposed to be a third film to complete the trilogy, but after the flop of G & G's, he couldn't get the financial backing, though he's still trying and I personally wish him good luck.

  4.  Is this for kids?


    I.ve three children fro three to ywelve years of age and all three were bored to distraction by this film. And then to top it off, for any adults watching (or remaining children) its ended at what has to be the most illogical and anti-climactic point of any film I've seen in recent years. Was the screenplay written by George Lucas? Can't recommend except for avid fans of CGI over story.

  5.  Great with Films/TV


    I only use them to store tv off a Pioneer DVD Recorder, and haven't tried my PC. However for the task I use it for these disks are superb, easily besting makes such as Imation and Verbatim, which cost many times more and which have a ten times higher failure rate. So, if you want to archive those golden moments from the one eyed monster, these are the disks to use (and good value too, especially the 100 spindle).

  6.  Ripping yarn bristling with humour


    A grossly under-rated film. Came out around about the same time as a great many over hyped crocks such as Deep impact and Armagedon. and this one is vastly superior, though it never got anywhere near the attention.
    Now don't get me wrong, the science is a joke, but this film doesn't make the pretensions of the two previous movies mentioned of being anything other than a ripping yarn. Theres bucketloads of humour (though much of it was cut and appears in the DVD as edited portions, though they realy should have been restored to the film), action, great CGI and some great acting by some very good but lesser known actors.
    All in all, a very rewarding couple of hours in front of the one eyed monster (or more if, like me, you choose to watch it again which is well worth while!) Could and should have been longer if the edited portions had been restored to the dvd release. Heartily recommended.