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  1.  The Must Buy Beatles Book


    I was told about this by a friend of mine who's a huge Beatles fan. About 2/3s of the way through it at the minute and would recommend it to anyone. It covers each and every song in detail giving you every piece of info you could possibly hope to find. A huge amount of ancillary info awaits at the start and end of the book which gives a plethora of info about the decade in which the Beatles both influenced and were influenced by. Covers everything from Please Please Me to Real Love. You can't go wrong here!

  2.  Top Notch Remake!


    An excellent remake of a very dated 2D NES RPG that never made it to either Europe or America. The strength of the story is remarkable, with five seperate plotlines, and sets of characters being introduced before they finally merge in the last chapter of the game. It's an unusual style of RPG that gives it the feeling of re-starting afresh every few hours.

    Be aware that this is the first re-make in a trilogy of re-makes for the DS, this originally being Dragon Quest 4, which will bring 4, 5 and 6 to English speaking shores. This trilogy is known as the Zenithia Trilogy and all three games are held in high regard by JRPG fanatics. Although these are billed as a trilogy they do not share plot points or characters and operate in similar fashion to the Final Fantasy games.

    Overall I have no problem recommending this to anyone interested in RPGs. It's accessible, has a great story and the minor grinding needed never feels like a chore and suits itself to on-the-move play.

  3.  Great Purchase


    This DVD is a great purchase even if you have already bought the vanilla DVD previously. Rodriguez always packs his DVDs with all the extras he possibly can. Definite highlights are the Film School and Cooking School features (Breakfast tacos this time!) The second disc allows you to view each story within the movie on it's own as it originally was paced in the comics, including scenes that extend the stories.

    A must buy!

  4.  Good Collection


    Good collection - incredibly comprehensive. however if you have already bought last years director's cut and despise the "voice-over" version you're probably better off with the two-disc "Final Cut" DVD which includes the documentary listed here. This really is only for die-hard fans who will eek all the value out of it.

  5.  Just above mediocre...


    Got this item with a special pre-order deal last week. The sculpting is weak for a figure this size. There is a smaller version as well which looks much better due to it's smaller size (i.e. the lack of detail is less of an issue). It's not bad but not worth the money imho.

  6.  Enjoyable but short


    Bought this yesterday and finished it on the normal setting in four hours. Gameplay is fast and furious and definitely enjoyable. Whether you'll get your money's worth on this depends on how willing you are to replay.

    However there is very little here that has not been done before (and arguably better) in Max Payne 2. While the graphics are good, the camera and controls do not match the standards of MP2, and the story Stranglehold tells is poorly written and acted.

    I don't want to appear too down on the game as I enjoyed it despite the lack of length. Stranglehold is the game equivalent of a bargin bin action movie. Whether that's a positive or negative is all down to you! :)

  7.  Wilco return to and reinvent their roots


    A very strong album all round which will appeal more to those who liked AM and Ghost Is Born albums. Much too mellow and laid back for those who see Yankee as the definitive Wilco album.

    Check out the Wikipedia entry to see how the band has changed over the course of the last couple of years, incorporating many diverse and strong musicians which make this more of a band album than any of Wilco's other albums.

    Highlights definitely come from jazz legend Nels Cline whose guitar work really lifts these songs, Impossible Germany (track 3) in particular.

    If possible do get the CD/DVD edition. The DVD is worth the price of admission alone and is even better than the excellent Tweedy solo DVD (Sunken Treasure) that was released last year.

    Be aware that at the moment the advertised Enhanced CD element of this CD does not actually exist on UK copies of the CD, however wilcoworld.net will be providing a solution to this in due course.