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  1.  awesome piece of kit


    bit dubious as to if this would work.
    bought it on a whim for my 11yr old.
    can say it works absolutely fine.
    only done the edges of a jigsaw and thought it would collapse but not a single piece moved...

    top tip: give it a quick iron on a low heat before you use it just to get rid of the creases.

  2.  lost for a while


    this is a confusing mess of psycho babble for about 20 minutes then it all clicks and the story is second to none.
    great visuals and awesome acting.
    one of my favourite films this year.
    dont let it slip by.
    at this price its hard not to buy!!!

  3.  "yawn" sorry i meant ....... "yawn"!


    dont get me wrong this is a good game.
    but man 5 years in the mixing pot and the result is a tiresome trundle through forest,train yard,hotel car park and yes you guessed it more forest...in pitch black being chased by some dark entity.
    its a neat idea,you know the torch as your weapon but after 12 hours of running around shooting things through your torch beam it gets tired.
    heavy rain is better imho

  4.  close but no cigar


    this is receiving very mixed reviews.
    ign tore it apart.
    i can hand on heart say that this is by far one of the best shooters i have played of late.
    sure the single player is short and a little glitchy,but imho its not bad at all.
    some nice firefights and some great on rails shooting sections.
    kind of weird as to why they chose to use two developers for this game.
    danger close for the singe player using the unreal engine.this is looking a little old now but for the best part it holds the game together.

    taking over the multiplayer is dice.
    this is a completely differnt beast.not quite up there bad company but some really nice modes and ranking system.my only gripe is that its kill or be killed on multiplayer.
    added bonus for ps3 owners is the hd version of frontline
    safe to say its no cod killer but fun for now