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  1.  Brilliant !! makes you think about so many things


    Will Smith is so good in this film, its a sad story and well written. its not what you expect, you just have to watch it !! the first hour is a bit slow because its hard to understand who 'ben' is but the 2nd hour is worth waitin for. its clever, and moving.



    This film keeps you gripped for ages, the effects are good and you start trying to work out how things are going to end, but its not how i thought it was going to finish ! if you like disaster films you'll like this but the ending was'nt the best

  3.  Very surprising !!!!!


    This film was made to look really good on the trailer when it was first out, but like most films the trailers only show the best bits !! but this film was a surprise, because it keeps you hooked, and the acting is good, its not stupid ! ive seen alot worse and this is a good film.

  4.  Really good....but something missing


    The kings have matured so much on this album, vocals sound the best they probably ever have !! Good choice of tracks, catchy, couple of the tracks towards the end though get a bit......borin !! But most of the album is as class as the latest single

  5. Riot


    Paramore - CD

    32 New from  £4.26  Free delivery

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    Paramore are so catchy, hayley has got such a good voice !! its one of them albums that you never have to skip a track on, there all good. Blows Avril out the water !!

  6.  Such a different sound to rock !!!


    Alterbridge are fab, there so catchy !! Myles leaves you listening for more once you hear his voice. Everything blends and works, heavy sound with good vocals. Creed we're good but these are up there on there own by miles.

  7.  To much hard work !!!


    You've really got to concentrate and listen hard with this film otherwise you dont know what anyone is talkin about !! being a film that is set so long ago, its hard to follow. If your a history buff then u'll love it

  8.  Really good action film !!!!


    Brilliant film, keeps you hooked near enough all the way through. Good story, good action scenes, if you love the whole army and sniper thrill then u'll enjoy it.

    I only gave it 4 stars because the ending is kind of strange. You watch it finish, then you just think hold on, why's he done that !! Mabye it just needs watchin twice.

  9.  Its good....not amazin tho !!


    The older album is a alot better, its more catchy ! this album has got some good bits, but the songs are a bit daft and bert has gone over the top with the shouting !!! the best songs on it are bird and the worm and earthquake. Just dig your old album out instead !

  10.  It must be the best film ever !!!


    There can't be a single negative comment for this film, its pure quality !! From the acting, to the cast, to the plot. But the best thing about this film is how clever one man can be through a journey of life in prison.

    You feel so sorry for him, but it makes your face light up at the end. He's so clever !! you need to see this film !!!