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  1.  Do not waste your money


    I was unfortunate enough to land an advance copy of this poor album.

    If ever there was proof that linkin park are finished then this piece of work is it, there is only 1 decent song on it and thats burn it down. Listen to that on youtube and save your money,

    The tracks are all so forgetabble and boring they all merge into one bad memory. Linkin park are done, after the last 2 boring albums this was their last chance to redeem themselves and they have blown it.

  2.  Terrible edit job painful to watch


    The cut and paste between various gigs on this show is so bad it makes it painful to view, there are no smooth transactions between the gigs at various venues.

    It just moves from one gig to another its almost funny how bad the transitions are!

    It is a botch job show and a right old mess. If Chris Rock and his management are happy to release this then its further proof that his stand up career is over. Its horrible to watch its a mess!

  3.  Bland and repetitive.


    Sadly this album is a right old mess. There is not a single track that i remember or care for even slightly after a good few listens to the album.

    I know its only may but this is the worst and most depressingly dull cd i have listened to in many years.


  4.  An absolute must see for any movie fan


    When I go to the museum, I am often awed at these still lifes from dutch painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. There were those beautiful still lifes, showing a vase of flowers down to the slightest detail. But oh, it would be the one that captured some sort of devastation or ugliness that would capture my attention. The strange thing was as devastating and grotesque one would be all the more beautiful and engrossing.

    What is beautiful about such a painting is the thing that makes Requiem for a Dream such a beautiful film. A true artist captures what he or she sees, lives, or feels. If the artist fails to do this, then they create a sugar coated work. It is satisfying for the moment, but ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression. Too often, "artists" compromise their work for the sake of commercial success, painting "beautiful" pictures that are often too common in the field. Requiem for a Dream defies this by painting a grotesque, gripping portrait of addiction. Not once does Darren Aronsky flinch in creating this pictures. It is at time ugly, grotesque, sick, and devastating. But like a classic still life, you can't turn away as you stare at every stark detail.

    What I love about this film is that you know your own in for a downhill ride when you begin the film. Jared Leto's character is taking his mother's TV to be sold to get drugs. This moment just scratches the surface of the downward spiral we are about to witness. Aronsky's characters suffer and never turn back. And nothing more need be said of Ellyn Burstyn's fantastic performance as she deals with delusion, drug addiction, and an addiction of a different sort, with the television.

    The film has a big finish which is one of the most classic scenes in American film. Although I imagine most pointed towards this review have seen it, I dare not spoil it. It's the final detail in the still life. The one that makes you stare and stare - not so much at its beauty, but its sheer unrelenting truth.

  5.  Superb fps with amazing graphics!


    Far Cry 2 is not a name for this game obviously, as it has nothing to do with previous Far Cry titles, or any other associated content, The Far Cry Universe nevertheless should have been like this long time ago.

    I'm going to be very brief, but forget about the Story in this game, the fact is that you're going to have all in one package a game that its:

    -Huge as Oblivion was, not so populated with foes, but definitely BIG, and you will Cry for how Far you have to drift across the jungle to get from point A to B (nevertheless the Driving is fun, and you can take out Outposts, find Diamonds and other things that are really into the Zelda RPG stuff, Love it!)

    -Good looking as COD4, yes my friends, this is an open world game, and FPS a the same time, and it looks far better than any other game you have played of Open World, and it looks comparable (arguably true) to Call Of Duty or any other good looking game outhere, Awesome!

    -A lot of Variety to choose, jump, killed, burn, slaughter, stealth (really, i did), whatever you like, really, Freedom is one but the word that reigns in Africa's Far Cry, unleashed your inner beast and get ready to transform the Jungle.

    -Story Line is Super Lenghty, I'm very surprised this game looks so awesomely good, and can packed a Gargantuan Map, and about 40 hrs of Gameplay, plus the extra 4 missions for pre-ordering (I got them right!)

    -Sprinting and healing yourself out of trouble was never so real, imagine a character that will try to heal himself all the time according to the wounds he had:
    if you're burning you will spat your body around to turn it off, If you got shot in the leg or the hand you will take out the bullet with a gory effect, and you will see the Whole you had because of been shot, you will put bandages to your arms, etc, what can be more real than that? Uh?

    -A very useful GPS system which EA should learn about when making a game like Burnout Paradise that you can't just find your way around.

    -Incredibly good Physics and environments, everything blows better than Call of Duty or Gears, honestly amazing job, you can just compared this to Frosbite Engine of Dice.

    -You get to choose your character, and this is part were this gets interesting, as this game has in it all the right ingredients that the original Mercenaries from Pandemic had, huge environments, Vehicles, blowing and shooting guys, making people do what they don't want to do and then kill them, excellent job in one word. This game is more Mercenaries 2 than the real Pandemic recent launched title, really.

    - A complete Day and Night time frame which makes it more interesting

    - You got Malaria, many people might hate it; but makes it a little bit more interesting and real, that's i Believe the main reason, this game is Real, like the Water you drink everyday. And that's exactly what developers wanted to show, a Real world of events.

    -Value money multiplayer, which is great, feels like any other good FPS multiplayer in stores, and you have the great Add, if you like to work hard, to do your own maps, forget the Halo 3 complicated Forge, this is really easy, and they look great, Plus Ubi will make public the best ones available, your work as a gamer gets a taste of Glory to put it somehow.

    -This game packs enough content and stuff to keep you busy for a long time, and for the price is much better than many other games you buy for same or little less money, this game is more a good buy than COD4. Seriously!

    - This is the part where you're going to disagree, I think this game is not inferior or worse than any other game of this year, or even near future Holiday Titles, it might be better even for certain individuals.

  6.  Amazing game


    I wanted to try being a truck driver for many years but i never got round to it, i got this game to live my dreams and wow i wasnt letdown at all, i could even drink and drive playing this, which made it all the more fun.

    Do not hesitate buy it now, i am hoping the next game will be some sort of taxi job or call centre operator line of work, where you fix a headset on and get realistically moaned at for 8 hours at a time.

    Cant wait!!

  7.  Brilliant replacement feet


    Extremely easy to fit and they are a much smoother feel than the default mouse feet, i wholeheartedly advise buying these, why not treat yourself.

    For gamers or just casual users you cant go wrong, also there is 5 whole sets of feet so when one pair gets old or worn theres 4 more replacements, superb value

  8.  Do not work on vista


    The drivers just wont install and sennheiser do not have any drivers on their website, these are useless to me and ive wasted my money, the blame is on microsoft partially and sennheiser for terrible product support.

    So basically if you use vista steer clear of these,

  9.  Absolute cheesy nonsense, 20 years out of date, stale awful


    The artist here just sings other peoples songs, and badly i might add, to backing tracks that were taken from tracks back in 1990 like 2 unlimited theres no limits.

    That was all fine and dandy 17 years ago but in 2007 this just isn't good enough, its all been done before and a lot better, a good example is sash from the mid 90s who did this a lot better over ten years ago.

    Buy something good from the same genre, i strongly advise an album called intuition by dj encore featuring angelina, this is a perfect example of a good dj and a fine female vocalist coming together in harmony.

  10.  Terrible cash in on the good fear franchise


    This game looks worse than the original fear game from 2 years ago, lazy programming, bland generic grey buildings and all the same enemies from before.

    i played call of duty 4 for 3 hours yesterday and what a groundbreaking joy that was, some of the best gaming ever, then the day after i put this on and i felt depressed after about half an hour.

    I wanted to snap the disc and defecate into the box and send it back to play, then i realized its not their fault.

    Avoid this game at ALL costs, get crysis or call of duty 4, this game looks about 5 years old and is duller than dishwater.