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  1.  1 star is alittle unfair


    great album, especially anyone new to dubstep, but for people that allready follow it some of these songs are old. This album is deffinatly better then both ministry of sounds dubstep albums.

  2.  Still As Bad Today As It Was In Back In The Day


    First Things First, The One Star Review Should Be Ignored If You Are A True Fan Of Mario, Anyone Into Mario Knows About This Cartoon And Its Great That Its Finally Come To DVD. The Only Problem Is The Original TV Show had The Legend Of Zelda Cartoon Aswell But This Doesnt Include The Zelda Cartoons Which is A Shame. Yes The 2 Fat Blokes Acting Is Terrible And Some Episodes Have Got A More Mature Adult Theme Going On.

    But Overall A Classic Nintendo Fan Will Really Appreacite The Nostaglic Values Of This. If Your Buying It For Anyone Under The Age Of At Least 20 Dont Complain When Its Not What You Were Expecting

  3.  Docter To E.R Please


    Maybe This Game Worked On The Ds But Its Really Really Hard On The Wii. I Loved To Ds Version And That Was The Reason I Brought This Version But Im Struggling To Play It. Greaphics Are Good But Gameplay Is Lacking. I Seem To Forget How To Do Certain Operations Most Of The Time. Great Thought Tho And Im Sure Alot Of People Are Going To Enjoy It.

  4.  Finnally More Braining Training Madness


    If Your Like Me You've Gone Mad On Brain Games. Its Dr Kawaka's Fault He Said I Had A Brain Of A 64 Year Old And Im Only 19. Well Since That Day Ive Been Hooked On All The Brain Training Game And Even Tho I Was Impressed With Big Brain Training On The DS(To Many Menus) I Loved This Game Its Keep Me Quiet For Hours. Some Of The Training Are Difficult Like The Remembering One But Others Are Great Fun. I Would Highly Reccomend This Just On Price Alone

  5.  G1 Fans Stay Clears Kids Will Love It.


    Being A G1 Kid Ive Havent Been Impressed With Anything Transformers In Many Years And This Wasn't Going To Change My Mind. The Game Starts Promising And Looks Really Good But Its Downhill From There. The Repetiviness Really Started To Bug Me After An Hour And I Had To Put The Game Down. Also I Seemed To Struggle With The Controls I Dont Know If Any One Else Had Problems But It Seemed Really Jerky. Also Why Couldn't I Transform In Mid Air I Really Really Wanted To Jump Off A Building And Transform But Nope The Game Wouldn't Let Me. Maybe For Your Kids To Enjoy But Not One For A G1 Boy Or Girl :-\

  6.  Great ZELDA Game


    Like Most People I Was Worried About This Game From Day 1. I Was So Sure In My Head That I Wouldnt Like The Game And The Wii Controls Would Of Killed It. But How I Was Wrong Yet Again Zelda Keeps Me Buying Nintendo Stuff Because I Really Havent Played Anything Like This. Its Just Like Ocirca Of Time Should Of Been. The Game Itself Like All Zeldas Takes Abit Of Time Getting Used To What Your Ment To Be Doing And After An Hour Of Stupid Little Quests You Start To Really Get Into The Game And The First Time You Enter The Twilight Realm You Just Know In Your Head YEP Im Deffinatly Playing A Zelda Game. I Enjoyed This Game From The Day I Got It And I Will Continue You To Enjoy It Up Until Anouther Zelda Game Comes Out Well Worth The Buy

  7.  Im Not Sure


    Right Let Me Explain Before Some One Calls Me A Metal Hating Emo Chav. I Love Thrash Metal Ive Been Brought Up On It And To Prove I Love Thrash Ive Got The Sepultura Logo Tatooed Down My Arm So THIS Review Isn't Because I Hate Metal OK. Ive Been Brought Up On Bands Like Megadeth So As You Can Imagine I Was Really Excited About This Album. I Mean I've Had It On Pre-Order From Anouther Site As Soon As I Saw It On Play. But To Be Fair There Isn't Anything On This Album I Really Like. Gears Of War I Loved The Riffs But The Song Itself Was A Let Down And When I Heard It My Excitment Started To Go Down About This Album. I Personnally Agree With Most People Here That The Riffs Are Old Sort Of Megadeth Goodness But Im Telling You All Now Thats Theres Something Missing. You Know Ive Tryed And Tryed Not To Give This Any Less Then Four Stars But I Can't I Really Dont Like It. Theres One Song That I Really Do LOVE And Its A Tout Le Monde But That Songs Been Round FOR Years So By Now Most Megadeth Fans Should Of Heard It. As A Die Hard Megadeth Fan Ive Got To Say Im Overly Disapointed About This Album. But To Be Fair I Think Most Metal Music Has Lost Its Touch Over The Years. The Fact That Im Listening To Bands That Have Been Around Way Before My Time Just Proves That Metal Is Starting To Lose Its Touch. The Newest Band In My CD Collection Is DragonForce So Thats Saying Alot.

    I Hope Megadeth Relight That Flame Of Years Ago And Add That Something That Is Really Missing From This Album.
    I Would Reccomend This For New Metal Heads Or Even Newer Megadeth Fans But To Old School Metal Heads You Might Be Dissapointed. I Would Of Given This Less Then 3 Stars But That Would Of Been Taking The Biscuit And Ive Got Alot Of Respect For MEGAdeth. Brings Back Many Of My Child Hood Memmorys

  8.  Didnt Understand It But It Was A Laugh To Play


    I Brought The NTSC Version Of This For My Other Half As Shes Been Playing Corner Connection Shop 2 Or Something On The DS. I Haven't Really Played It But I Didnt Have A Quick Blast Of The Mini Games And They Were Great Fun. Its Going To Be A Great Competitor Of Mario Party 8. Ive Never Waved The Wii Mote As Much As I Did In This Game. Other Half Loves It. If You Can Get Over The Fact That Its A Girly Kiddies Game Its A Great Little Mutliplayer Game. Im Going To Have To Play It Tonight With The Misses And Show Her How Its Done.

  9.  Best Fighter On The Wii By Miles


    I Recieved My NTSC Copy Of This Game Yesterday With A Few Other Games So I Thought I Would Play It Before I Gave It A Bad Review. So Right Lets Begin Ive Never Liked Mortal Kombat Games Anyway And Only Brought It Because Anything Has Got To Be Better Then legend Of The Dragon So I Thought I Would Give This A Blast. The First Screen You See Is A Screen Telling You That You Can Use The Wii-Mote ANd Nunchuck, The Classic Controller Or A Gamecube Controller WHAT!!! You Might Ask Yes You Can Use A Gamecube Controller On This Game That Made Me Alot Happier Because I Find The Classic Controller To Be A Little Uncomfortable To Use After A While, There Is A Problem Tho If You Have A Gamecube Controller Plugged Into Any Of The Slots When The Game Starts You Have To Unplug The Leads To Use The Normal Mote. As You Can Imagine I Spent The First Ten Minutes Thinking My Mote Had Broke. So If Player 1 Is Using A Mote Dont A Gamecube Controller Plugged Into Slot 1. Right Back To The Game. Its Got Loads To Do Which Should Make Someone In Your Family Happy. Theres Your Normal Arcade Mode Which Was A Great Way To Start Playing Straight In And Destroy Sub Zero On Easy LOL. Theres The Konquest Mode Which I Haven't Really Played But Its Like An Adventure Game With Fights Thrown In Dont Really Know What To Say About It As I Didn't Play It Much. Theres All So Motor Kombat Which Is A Racing Game That I Was Expecting To Be Really Cheesy But Was A Great Laugh I Played It With The Other Half For About An Hour Until She Told Me She Wanted To Play Tamagotchi. So Overall Theres Plenty To Do. So Lets Talk About The Fights. The First Thing I Noticed Is The About Of Blood Just Pumping Out Of My Oppenent As I Hit Him And It Didnt Disapear Ever So Everything Was Splattered. The Controls Are Just Like Most Fighting Games. Quick Punch Hard Punch Quick Kick And Hard Kick There Is A Grab Button But I Found It A Little Hard To Use On The Classic Controller As Its One Of The Smaller Top Buttons But A Little Confiq And I Will Have It As A Trigger. I Have Got To Admit That I Enjoyed Playing This And As Soon As I Found That I Could Use A Weapon I Was Laughing And It Made Me Even More Happy As The Blood Just Went Everywhere. The Arenas Are Great To Fight In Aswell There Just Like Dead Or Alive So You Can Kick People Through Windows And Ovr Balconys And Stuff. Also On Certain Levels Areas Certain Areas Can Kill People Like On The Lava Level If You Get Kicked Over The Arena DEAD. Great For People Who Button Bash As I Found Out As My Sister Killed Me. So Overall A Great Experience For A Street Fighter Man. I Would Reccomend This Game For Any Die Hard Fans Aswell As Theres An Aresenal Of Characters To Use Ive Never Seen So Many In A Game Before. GOOD Game Small Faults But Nothing Worth Worring About

  10.  Addictively Fun.


    I Bought This Simply Because I Love Mercury Games So When I Saw The Trailor For This I Was So Excited. The Game Its Self Is Really Short But You Seem To Play The Levels More And More Trying To Get A Quicker Time And Collecting Them Special Crystals To Unlock Some Of The Cooler Balls. This Game Makes Great Use Of The Wii Controller And Will Keep Loads Of People Happy.