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  1.  A watch again kind of movie


    This is the best movie I have seen in a long time.
    I loved the religious elements, and the deep thinking bits.
    The 3D is stunning, and if you have a 3D TV then you must buy this!

  2.  Wasted my money


    I bought this and was very disappointed. It was very cheesy, girl tries running and falls over, that type of thing.
    Some bits of suspense, but nothing like the original movie.

  3.  Great film, great 3D


    Watched this the other day on my 3D TV and I think it's one I'm going to buy. Great kids film, but one that the adults will enjoy just as much. I think the 3D was fantastic, especially being in an arcade game looking out!
    I also think Seth Rogen's voice works so well on the main character.

  4.  pants


    the 3D is pretty good, but that's as far as it goes. The film really is pants.

  5.  Brilliant 3D, even good for girls ;-)


    I really enjoyed this. Got a new 3D TV and was looking for something to watch. This didn't disappoint. Great 3D effects, thrilling movie. I'll be watching it again.

  6.  3D is good, acting and budget BAD


    Felt like I wasted an hour and half of my life watching this. I won't be watching again. The 3D was quite good, there is a bit where the guy is holding a spade and it comes right out at you. However, the acting is very poor, you won't see these people again put it that way. There is also a scene near the end where a bunch of zombies/undead are walking forward, and if you look, there is a girl who's make-up has not been finished properly, her t-shirt has moved and you can see where the make-up ends. I wouldn't waste your money on this, borrow it if you can.