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    Thought this was going to be a great film that included lots of car chases etc but was barely any.

  2.  omg brilliant


    I think this is one of my favourite books of the series. I love that sookie ends up in bed with eric (again), but she definately has her old feelings for bill coming back, he is willing to die for her. She finds out a lot more of her fairy ancestors (the good and the bad). No alcide in this book and only a tiny bit of quinn. This girl is spoiled for choice!!! Hurry up next book.

  3.  loved the book


    Really enjoyed the first book and this one certainly kept to my expectations. Am loving sookie and bills relationship. In this book she goes undercover in dallas in order to rescue a kidnapped vampire. Of course, she gets beaten up and has broken bones in the course of her 'work'. I'm really beginning to like eric, he is a vampire with a good sense of humour. Can't wait to read the next books.

  4.  couldn't put the book down


    I loved the twilight saga and was beginning to have withdrawal effects. Decided to read this but not really expecting too much, but i absolutely loved it. The book has horror, humour and lust and is written really well. Once i finished this book i had to order others in the series so the only unfortunate thing is that this is going to become a bit expensive once i have ordered all of them. I am really upset as i do not have sky so i cannot watch the 'trueblood' series but hope it will come to one of the freeview channels soon!!!

  5.  really good read


    i thought this was a really good read, but not as good as the twilight saga. the first few chapters were a bit slow but it did pick up and the rest of the book was good. i thought this was going to be more of an adult book than twilight saga but that wasn,t the case.

  6.  absolutely fantastic


    love, love, love this especially 'spotlight' by mutemath. i agree with a lot of other reviewers that 'let me sign' by rob pattinson should have been on this album as it is a beautiful song. would definately recommend this cd.

  7.  brilliant film


    This is not exactly the same as the book but it is a fantastic film with a great soundtrack. You want to watch the film over and over and it stays in your mind. Can't wait to see the extra scenes and extended scenes on the dvd

  8.  couldn't stop crying at the end


    I think this was probably the best book of all four. A great love story. I cried for ages at the ending, i think it was partly because i had finished all the books and i didn't want it to come to an end

  9.  fantastic. takes you away to another world


    This was a brilliant book that once again i found extremely difficult to put down. Edward and bellas love for each other deepens even more. Bella has to decide between edward and jacob but makes the right decision. The werewolves start to soften a bit towards the vampires. Can't rate this highly enough

  10.  fantastic book


    i was a bit upset that edward wasn't in the book too much but it was good to see jacob grow and 'develope'. when i read how bella was feeling, i felt that my heart was aching too. lovely ending with edward and bella