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  1.  Looks very nice but not very robust!


    Have had this camera for about a year and was attracted to it's shiny appearance and many features. However because of it's flimsy plastic shell it hasn't survived the knocks and bangs of days and nights out - I currently have an elastic band holding the battery hatch closed as the tiny plastic catch has snapped! I then accidentally dropped it on hard flooring and another bit of it has dropped off, now revealing the batteries! Bottom line, great little camera but only for a very careful owner!!

  2.  Fun educational game!


    Brilliant way of learning about money and how to manage it! Roll the dice, move around the board picking up cards, earning and spending money as you go - the first person to save five pounds wins. Only down side is the amount of plastic money provided if you've got 4 players - had to dip into the money from another Orchard game!

  3.  Has potential!!


    I like Heigl in Greys. I like Marsden in Notebook. But all the way through there was something bugging me about this film! Towards the end I realise what it was - the chemistry between Heigl and Marsden is slightly off and Heigl towers over him - watch out for the careful camera work that tries to disguise this! He comes across more like an annoying little brother who keeps turning up and hassling her rather than a potential love interest. Although they're both great actors, I don't think this pairing is a match made in heaven!!

  4.  Not the best Austen boxset on offer!


    Yes there's the classic Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and
    Persuasion but as for the rest, they're very poor/dated adaptations. Some were filmed in the 70's so there's some shaky camera work, wooden acting and very little soundtrack to help them flow. There are better box sets available so look around!

  5.  Don't waste your money!


    Purchased this a few years ago and have since sold it on - bit disappointing to be honest! Yes you have the classic Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion but the others were awful!! Very little soundtrack, wooden acting and shaky sets (or maybe that was the poor camera work!). Don't waste your money when you can get cheaper box sets featuring much better adaptations!

  6.  A must have!!


    Hadn't seen this film for years until I bought it the other day - still a great film but I'd forgotten how much swearing is in it!!! I was rather shocked when you consider this is rated a PG and a family favourite film so parents be ware lol!!! Great soundtrack by the way "Walk like a man...!"

  7.  Not exactly what I was expecting!!!!!


    One question - how did this pass as a PG family film?! Just glad I happened to watch it before putting it on for kids! It's as though the creators where trying to appeal to the whole family but got it horribly wrong! I was expecting slap stick humour with the odd adult joke that goes over kids heads! Instead you get some guy blatantly ogling the woman's breasts and trying to get laid throughout the film - it's not even subtle! The kids in the film are at best cheeky and at worst rude bratts - not exactly a good influence! Oh and then there's the punch up at the end! Over all funny in places but not exactly a family film!

  8.  Suprisingly good!


    Read the film plot and was a bit sceptical - a couple trying to make a long distance relationship work - thought it would be like The Break up where the characters spent most of the film arguing which was rather depressing actually! BUT as a big fan of Drew Barrymore films, (recommend 50 first dates, Never been kissed and Perfect Catch!) went to see it anyway and to my surprise this film has plenty of laugh out loud moments that make this a really enjoyable film. Yay!

  9.  Disappointment!


    I really wanted to like this film as I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding so thought it'd be full of the same laugh out loud scenes. How wrong could I be - I found this film awkward, like they were trying to recreate the same success that My Big Fat.. had but not quite achieving it! The film dragged along and was such a disappointment - it was a relief when it finally ended!

  10.  BARGAIN!!!


    Finally a box set where all three films are brilliant! They're your typical rom coms so if that's not your thing then steer clear, but if it is then you should definitely add these to your collection. And where would rom coms be without goodlooking leading males like Adam Garcia stripping off on bars!? They can't hurt right?! This boxset would make a great present but chances are they've got at least one of these films already which speaks volumes!