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  1.  Blurred Vision


    The film itself is very enjoyable. A solid 4 stars. The reason I have given it three stars is because certain scenes appear blurry. The crisp blu ray effect is lost as the higher 48fps causes the dramatic shots of scenery to become unclear. So in order to make the film a better 3D experience at the cinema it has become a worse experience for those not watching it in 3D. It is a problem that needs to be addressed and not just blown over by Jackson.

  2.  MJ at his peak


    It doesn't matter what he became, this is what made him great! A full-length live concert with camera work which focuses on Michael without cutting to shots of the audience the whole time. If you're going to buy a DVD of a live MJ concert then this is the one to buy.

  3.  Very well researched


    Nearly all Ripper books want to sell themselves by letting us know once and for all who really "dunnit!!". Sugden gives us his opinion but that is not what the book relies upon. Instead he goes back to the original primary and secondary sources in order to build a comprehensive picture of what really took place. What is most surprising is how little concrete evidence there really is. This allows for a case to be built against whomever one likes, as has been done by countless other authors. It made for a very interesting read and makes a fantastic introduction to novices to the case and essential reading for those Ripper enthusiasts.

  4.  A poor effort


    Having only briefly heard of this animated version of Star Wars I approached this with caution. But when it comes to Star Wars you have to see it anyway. It took a while to get over the graphics used to create the world. When the characters moved they did so very clumsily. But the more I watched the more I got used to it and came to like the style. So the film should get plus points for that. But in regards to story, dialogue, voices used, and pretty much everything else this appeared to be a rushed together, 'hey I've got an idea' Star Wars spin-off. It could have been a lot better. I haven't seen the series yet, but hopefully the story lines used are better than this one. By the time you've been told the initial plot you know how it will end. Mr Lucas, could try harder and should do better!!

  5.  Worst film in history


    This film doesn't deserve one star but it's the lowest rating you can give. I would buy this film purely based upon how bad it is. The acting is horrendous, the story laughable. I'm sure Jeremy Irons felt dirty after seeing it on the silver screen. Jeremy Irons stared in the greatest british tv series of all time, why he debased himself by staring in this film is a mystery.

    The film has received negative reviews from nearly all quarters. For a good overview of this see Wikipedia. The film doesn't do justice to the D&D name and even the director admits it wasn't that good.

    The guy from the crystal maze is in it, need i say more?

  6.  Moonwalker


    It is a bit of a stretch of the imagination to call this a film. It has a very loose and weak story within it. If I was to rate this based upon its film content then it would be down as low as one star, but when taken as a collection of Michael Jackson music videos, live performances, and a small snippet of documentuary footage then this becomes a must have. All MJ fans will love this and for those who don't it's worth seeing to see why he became such a star. The music video of 'Smooth Criminal' is possibly the best music video ever made. It's worth the money just for that.

  7.  O Lucky Man


    If you like films with ACTION, EXPLOSIONS, NAKED WOMEN, AND DRUGS this is the film for you. If you like films which make a serious comment upon the sometimes futile element of the human condition then this is a film for you. I feel that I lost a few at the last sentance. If you like a fast flowing, easy to understand plot, then this might not be the film for you. But if you like British Cinema at its best, when a film can actually make an impact rather than just pass the time until we die, then this might be the film for you.

  8.  A disappointment


    When I saw this in the library I was happy in the knowledge that I was in for a good read. Having thoroughly enjoyed DBC Pierre's debut novel I had been looking forward to his next book. Unfortunately this tale never really gets off the ground. There are the occasional glimpses of what made his first book so good but overall this one falls well short. I still have faith though that he will pull the spiked gin tonic out of the hat in his next book and go on to establish himself as a great modern writer.

  9.  A must have for chilli fans


    The album seems like a logical progression from blood, sugar, sex, magic, taking their music to a darker level which more explores the depths of a person's personality. The album was not well received by many but for a chilli's fan it is a must have. Navarro brought the band a darker element. This is their last true album before the descent into the more easy listening phase of their career. It doesn't deserve a five as it's not up to the BSSM level but it's still a great album. It's a shame they don't play more songs from it live even though it's a different lead guitarist.

  10.  Flavourless Chewing Gum for the Mind


    This is a book my mother bought me for christmas and we now have an understanding that she will never buy me a book again. She said she bought it because it was a bestseller and thought the title reflected me.

    If my dear old mother had known better she would have steered clear of the bestseller list. it is rare that you find a fiction book of any merit there. The books are best sellers for a reason.

    I have to give Josephine Cox credit for one thing, if you ever were stuck for a cliche then all you would need to do is open the book on a random page and you would find one there, he said knowingly (if you read the book you'll get it).

    I'm sure that a great deal of people love this sort of thing. I only wish to warn those who have a love of the classics of literature that there is nothing classic about this book. I have never been so glad to finish a book in all my life. It did make me laugh though. i had great amusement in reading aloud certain sentances to my girlfriend. I was reading 'Rebecca' by Daphne Du Maurier at the same time as reading this. The books are worlds apart, and i know which side of the fence i'm happy to sit upon.