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  1.  Crysis 2 Full game review...enjoy!


    Well well well,what have we here,the long awaited cure for the nasty taste that Far Cry 2 left in my mouth,the guys behind the original Far Cry give console owners a game to be proud of....
    This has to be the best game of the year so far,it looks great(not quite Crysis..but hey,we are talking 360 here,not a mortgage busting pc),plays impeccably and sounds divine,the missions are opened up and while not totally free roaming,make the linear efforts of games like COD and BBC feel really stifling,the set peices feel part of the game and not tacked on..the main character is sympathetic and the single player campaign clocks in at pretty much double what Black ops had to offer(and 4 times Homefronts paltry offering!).Then there is the multiplayer,this carries on the near perfection and is so much fun,with so much going on,that words almost fail,almost that is,so suffice to say its amazing stuff that anyone who has a brain should immediately purchase and then care for,this is the gaming equivalent of a work of art,and i put it up there with Far Cry,Halo,COD 2,and Bioshock in my games of the millenia.

  2.  Nice job Treyarch.


    Firstly let me start by saying that i wasnt a huge fan of MW2,i thought the perk were overpowered and encouraged cheating....however,from the 4 hours of multiplayer and 2 hours of the campaign i have played so far,i have to say that Black Ops is pretty stunning stuff,graphically it is as sharp as a button,the gameplay in both campaign and MP is smooth as silk,and i am thoroughly impressed,no small feat for treyarch as anyone who played COD3 will surely attest!
    I am not easily overwhelmed by hype or fanboyism,but this truly is a great title and i highly recommend it to anyone who loves gaming.

  3.  Great game with a bravely slow pace.


    First off,i dont know what game spydymanx played,it couldnt have been this(didnt post a review based on a demo did we mate..naughty naughty),had in my clutches for a day now,played for around 4 hours and im loving it,reminds me a lot of the early silent hill games(especially SH2),the pace is deliberately slow,tension builds and you feel truly claustrophobic and threatened,ok,the graphics are not going to change anyones life,but they are perfectly fine and the lighting and sound effects set the mood nicely.Im looking forward to playing more of this well crafted and almost fault free peice of gaming joy,highly recommended for people who like their games with a bit of style.

  4.  Not bad,but not great.


    This is a bit of a shame,the old pc game that this clearly derives from was a classic,but to be honest,things have moved on and left this looking...well..dated really.The graphics are good,but not really anything pant wetting,the controls feel shonky and there are numerous "glitches",it is good fun,but i cant say it rocked my world.Oh,and to the guy who reviewed the pc version here,this is the xbox 360 game,so review pc games on the pc section please...rant over.

  5.  Not their fault...or is it???


    Let me start by saying i am a huge fan of the rest of the series,even the treyarch ones....
    But now onto this...where to start,the single player...hmmm,nice but too short,far too short...and really no different to MW1,although the spec ops missions do add a little extra,and when played on veteran,some of these are real tough.
    The Multiplayer is where this game falls far below expectations for me,and not because of glaring flaws with the game,but much more to do with the way a significant portion of people actually choose to play it(and trust me,i use the word "play" advisedly!),some may feel it is unfair to judge an online game by the antics of the players,but i feel it is rather difficult to ignore the fact that that the game almost seems to encourage incredibly bad gameplay(camping with thermal sights anyone,along with heartbeat sensors and incredibly overpowered kill streak awards that actually reward this style of play),it is a shame that no effort seems to have been put to avoid players like tis(easy ,surely to add limitations on weapon types etc for people wanting a more pure and sporting type of game???)so it really is the fault of Infinity Ward for allowing the jerks to ruin it for everyone else,or is it just me???

  6.  Far Cry sequel i hear you scream...but wait,whats this??


    First things first,Far Cry is possibly one of the best games ever,on any platform,then came far cry predator,not bad but was missing some of the open ended play of the original,so was more of a stop gap while we all waited for Far Cry 2....then amazingly,it arrived..drums roll,trumpets blare and fireworks light the sky!
    Trouble is,this game isnt it,it may have Far Cry2 written on the box,and may indeed be called Far Cry2,but the game has about as much to do with Far Cry as Osama Bin Laden does with Gillette.
    What were Ubisoft thinking,making it a sandbox game could have been great,but the shooting is terrible and there is just too much boring driving around between missions,and then its truely confusing to know where and what to do next at regular intervals....
    I would give this game 2/5 but to be fair,it looks amazing and does provide some fun at times,but what a wasted opportunity..they should have just updated far cry on the 360 and it would have been better,much better!

  7.  Not Bad at all,but NOT Call of Duty!


    A few guys have been comparing this favourably to Call of Duty,in my opinion this is not quite the case,though this is a good game,with nice graphics and an undeniably excellent backstory,it lacks the smoothness of gameplay of Call of Duty,just not quite as polished.
    The early levels in the single player campaign are a little poor,but the game does get considerably better,and soon has you blowing up steamboats with cannon and riding your horse about while picking off baddies with your rifle one handed,and its a great laugh!
    Overall,a great improvement over the original COJ,and well worth a look,maybe rent it first to see if you like,as its no COD.

  8.  Old School,not for everyone,but still a nice effort.


    This is a nice game,lets get that out there first....not cutting edge or the most thrilling experience on 360,but nice.
    If PC games like Diablo/Dungeon Siege etc float your boat big time(welcome to my life!) then this is manna from heaven,ok the quests are samey and the pace is..well...sedate would describe it well,but the point in these games is character progression and this is well handled here,lots of things to advance with your character....
    Graphically it is a little dated,but it still looks good,so overall,really only for fans of this type of RPG,if you prefer Fallout 3/Oblivion type of rpg you will be bemused by this game,but if diablo is more your thing,then this is a nice stopgap.

  9.  Looks good,but where is the game!


    This is to gaming what Transformers is to films,style over substance,true the graphics are awesome,amongst the best on 360(if you like almost monochrome throughout ,that is!)but what has been forgotten(as in gow1)is that it might be a good idea to put a game in there as well,it really does get old fast,duck behind cover,lean out or blindfire from said cover until coast is clear and run to next cover,guess what,duck behind and...oh hell im sure you follow where this is going,it really does get boring.
    If you want a game that does the shooting from cover thing but also has an engaging game,then tey out Rainbow six Vegas 1 or 2, or Brothers in Arms...they are better GAMES than this,and dont let the shallow fanboys impress you with their overblown 5 star reviews.

  10.  A triumph of substance over style...


    There are a few guys out there marking this game down for having slightly less than cutting edge graphics,in my book thats like marking down Kubricks The Shining for not having CGI in it,since when did a GAME(note the emphasis) NEED a draw distance measured in microns for instance.....this is exactly the sort of opinion that sees the bore off that is Gears of War1/2 rated so highly cos the graphics are good..HELLO there should be a game there as well,and that is exactly where Prototype scores so damn well in my humble opinion,it manages the most important aspect in any game...it is bloody great fun....about the best fun i have had on a video game for ages and certainly in the top 3 or 4 360 games out there.
    I wont harp on about technical issues,as i dont think there are any with this game,buy it,you really wont regret it,dont let the snipers put you off the best thing on 360 so far this year,and up there with COD as the best ever on 360