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  1.  Fantastic


    I got what I wanted with this game: Exciting combat, Fantastic storyline and catchy music, my only complaint is that blitzball was horrible

  2.  good, but has its faults


    This game is good by how the first game introduced a boat, and this one has a train, but it has its down falls. for starters, this game is very repetitive, play a song, go to the temple then go to the tower over and over again. secondly, the instrument on this game is a pain to use. it may be just my console, but the flute is really twitchy. sometiomes i will play a note even when im not blowing in my mic, dometimes i will play a note twice instead of once, and sometimes I get lag when I play a note so it doesn't register until a second later when I blow. apart from that the game has excellent controls and gameplay such as the somersalt has been improved. this game is good, but not perfect.

  3.  Makes up for Sonic 06


    When I got this game, I did'nt have high expectations thanks to 06, but I was pleasantly suprised. This game has actually been de-bugged! There are few glitches but not big ones, The camera angle was drastically improved, and it plays a lot smoother. The only problems I have is the frame rate issues and the fact that the ps3/Xbox360 versions have had more time spent on them (better gameplay, extra features) than the wii version so I would recommend getting the PS/Xbox versions

  4.  Worst sonic game out so far


    Sega tried to re-create the franchise, but failed miserably. There are countless glitches in the game, many pointless scenes and terrible camera angles. The game is bad even though Sega had to rush this game, but not all of it's bad (e.g: the music). Play it if you want, bt don't get high hopes!

  5.  Hard but worth the effort


    When I first saw the game I thought it was going to be average in difficulty until i started playing the game. The game is really hard! the game is a platformer unlike the other BN series, it stands out in difficulty because the enemies rarely drop health, they do lots of damage to you, and if a boss hits you, it takes off almost half of your health! But you do get the hang of it when you start getting the power-ups and armours

  6.  Ive played better...


    probably the worst in the series, to get all of the Dubsouls you must beat the game twice, not a very good storyline and very repeatitive.

  7.  very good


    Good idea of a remake because it has lots more features such as getting copies of the navis so you can use them any time you want other than just liberation missions and you can get all of the dubsouls in 1 playthrough unlike bn4. The remixed music is also good

  8.  good game


    MMZ4 is my fav of the series. Unlike MMZ3 it has an easy mode where u start of with 2 subtanks, it's easier to achive EX skills, and a new weapon was revealed: the Z knuckle! I like the idea of stealing enemies weapons and using it agianst them which truly shows this is a megaman game... overall, a good game. If you're into the zero series consider buying this game, u wont be dissapointed.

  9.  Best mario title of all time


    I loved this game! I really like the theme of a tropical island and all of the features, I would recomend it to casual gamers, cuz it's really smooth.

  10.  Too difficult


    I just dot this game today, I've played the DS megaman ZX and this game was impossible. You don't start with enough lives and you barely start with any health. Not reccomended for casual gamers.