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  1.  Great bit of kit and a perfect present


    I have no idea why the previos reviewer gave this one star?? this is not miss-leading as the picture quite clearly shows you one small bag of bird seed and it gives clear information that this is a starter kit and that to make more you will need to buy a big quantity of bird seed and then use any left over fat (which my mum found fantastic as now she has a use for it). it's a great little mould and sits perfectly in the fridge. well worth the money and a bargain for what you pay :-)

  2.  A very nice surprise and very under-rated game


    If you can imagine a much more mature battlefield game mixed with call of duty controls and that modern feel then you have medal of honour which in my opinion is a fantastic achievement and they have really pulled one out of the bag with this game.

    The level designs are beautiful and a lot of love went in to making the textures and maps feel as realistic as possible. The guns have an almighty kick and when you shoot an enemy a head shot will literally mean head shot as the head explodes and leaves messy stump this is the same for arms and legs. The story is pretty bland but i feel this game tries to portray what life is like day in day out for our soldiers abroad and it does a damn good job of doing that without an over the top plot.

    All in all i think many people will be very surprised when they play this just how good of a game this title actually is and at least we now how a true contender to go toe to toe against call of duty.

  3.  A breath of fresh eastern air :-)


    This album is excellent, the variety of instruments is outstanding, the electric/pop/classical/eastern blend will have any eclectic music fan's ears in an ecstasy of excitement. David Albarn has proved that he is a jack of all trades and is truly a master of them all.

  4.  Sam Fisher just got very very interesting again.


    The last Splinter Cell game that actually made me want to invest my time and money including a big dollop of patience was Pandora tomorrow for the original Xbox. The game had everything and even had a really good excellent on line mode which can probably account to the reason of myself not studying for my GCSE's. Chaos theory was just as good but was really the same old Sam.

    Then a good few years passed and we can all agree that Sam may have been frozen in carbonite because the games that followed were well below par and were a terrible cliche on a series that had alot of potential, then low and behold here comes splinter cell: conviction and after playing the demo it was clear that developers have taken this series in the only reasonable direction it could go in and that is to make a game a little bit more fast paced and alot more action packed.

    Now many die hard fans will and have said that this is not splinter cell because it lacks alot of the whole stealth and surprise tactics that we have seen before, but if you look at the progression of games at the moment you will see that games are being dumbed down alot all the time recently and gamers want to hit a game thick and fast and then move on to the next. It's a sad reality but it's the truth sadly and ubisoft had to do what had to be done to ensure this series did not die a horrible death.

    The game's story is very empowering with alot of major twists that will captivate the player to want to move on and progress so that they can find out what is going to happen next, The game also has an excellent score with some major tracks that poignantly fit into the scene, one piece of music by DJ Shadow Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt expertly shows how epic a good story and a good track can hold together a scene with great depth and dexterity. The control system is very fluid and it will not take you long to master the controls and be the king of your domain.

    All in all the game has re-awoken the series for the best and lets just hope the next game is as good and that they do not make the mistake of going one step forward and two steps back.

  5.  Well worth the long wait.


    From the mixed reviews that were going around the net (all be it mostly good) i was very sceptical about this game but i've been playing it for a good few hours now and I have never seen anything like this on the xbox, the visuals are outstanding and the story sucks you in chews you up and doesn't let you go which makes putting the controller down even to go to the toilet a very hard choice (thank god for empty 2 litre bottles of pop, only joking by the way).

    This special edition side to the game could have had alot more and although I am a collector of special editions I feel that this one was thrown together at the last minute as nothing really looks worth the extra 20 quid.

    All in all though despite the lack of quality with the special edition the game is excellent and i would of paid 60 just for the game itself. Recommend this game even if you have never played a final fantasy before as the tutorial system is excellent and will gently guide your hand until it's ready to take off the training wheels for you.
    Well worth 5 star and more :-)

  6.  WOW..............................................


    Ok I was not expecting the kind of quality I got when I pre-ordered this. It is beautiful in every way and I'm almost afraid to touch it. The game case itself is a beautiful collectors edition, The vinyl record is very well done. The bonus CD is excellent quality and the vinyl look on the CD is genius. The posters are amazing and very good quality and a very good size.Then you get the Deco Devolution book and wow this is beauty itself the book is huge much bigger than I expected and so very detailed and so very lovingly created. Couldn't be anymore happier with this if I wanted to. Excellent job 2k games

  7.  Excellent Game by the masters that are Infinity ward!!


    What is not to like about this game, the single player is genius and from start to finish you are taken on a 200mph ride and by the time you have completed single player you will be out of breath from gasping so much. One minor annoyance though is that veteran mode is way to easy this time and due to the fact that they have taken the infinite spawning out and the amount of nades that get thrown at you is alot less as well makes veteran mode a walk in the park and something that I have already completed, all be it while I was drunk as well lol.

    This time around we also have the pleasure of special opps missions. These are extra little bonus missions that are incredibly fun to play and the added bonus of playing them with a mate on xbox live is great as team work is essential and voice communication comes into its own and shows you what these mics were really designed for.

    On-line multi player though is really at the heart of this game and they have kept the core basic the same which is great as it feels just like cod mw multi player with the added spice of alot more customisation with the character and the weapons. Kill streaks are a new addition which add a fun element whether your calling in u.a.v. or taking the control of an helicopter attack gunner and ploughing through the opposition.

    This game is five star not just because of its title but because of the amount of effort that was put into this game to make it more than just an addition to the original, alot of love went into making this game and it shows.Fully recommend this game and already looking forward to modern warfare 3. Bring on those tactical nukes :-) !!!!

  8.  Terrible


    How in gods green earth did madcatz have the cheek to release this poor excuse for a headset, i hope the creators are bowing their heads in shame. The mic does not block out all background noise, in fact you will have to turn the t.v right down so you can barely hear it as it feeds back every noise it hears. This was an excellent idea in principal but very very very very poorly implemented. I will never buy a madcatz product ever again.

  9.  Laptop deal of the century!!!


    I really had to check twice to check if play hadn't made an error with this price..... a 4gb ram 250 gb hard rive laptop for 400 quid. Bought it straight away in case they had made an error with the price, this is an excellent lap top, and there re no hardware conflicts with the graphics at all it's loaded my games perfectly. So happy with this product i might cry with joy, top job play.com :-).

  10.  If your on the fence read this


    Loved Banjo Kazooie on my old N64 and loved diddy kong racing god bless its genius soul of a game, now if you mix those two games up you create the beautiful game of nuts and bolts. For so long I was on the fence about this game as whether to get it or not so decided to pick it up for £18 quid off Play. This game is amazing, if you love creativity mixed with a good friendly pick up and play game then get this even if you are in two minds. It's an under rated rare masterpiece and I not understand why. This game deserves a hell of alot more praise than I've seen so far. Another home run for Rare, legends in there own right.