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  1.  Great show, not the best season.


    American Dad is much more clever and risky than Family Guy or Fururama. The characters are a lot more interesting, and in a strange way more believable! Its a matter of personal taste, but this is much more witty than similar shows.

    However, this season was initially a bit of a disappointment. The first few episodes werent that great, although some of the later ones were very funny.

    Overall, a good show but not the best season!

  2.  Not as pervy as it looks!


    I bought this because I thought the name was funny, but its actually a good game. There is plenty of versatility in it and when you get bored of one minigame you can easily switch to another. If youre one of those people who HAS to complete a game... you shouldnt get this as it is often VERY fustrating! But, for the price it is, the enjoyment you get and number of things you can do its well worth it!

  3.  Disappointing.


    Ive been a Tomb Raider fan for years now, and have played them all, even the Gameboy versions. I was expecting similar to those, but improved by the versatility of the stylus. What I got was a re-hashed version of the PS2 Legend game. The previous Tomb Raider games on the Gamboy worked because they didnt try to be like the Playstation games. They had their own stories and a specially adapted kind of gameplay. Sadly, with Legend, less effort has been put in and you get a poor looking version of the original game with all the good bits taken out. Use of the stylus in limited, and since you have to use the pad to move Lara its irritating to have to be holding it just in case and enemy pops up. Not for die-hard fans of the enteprise, thats for sure!

  4.  Quality Little Game...


    Zoo Keeper is one of those incredibly simple games that really get under your skin. The concept couldnt be more simple, line up three of the same animal to 'catch' them and wipe them off the screen. Think of it as a cross between Tetris and Connect 4! Thats about it, but it really does get addictive and you can lose plenty of time playing it! It does have some annoying points, such as the music and sound effects and dont expect a lot of variety! The different play modes are dressed up versions of the basic game, but that doesnt matter too much because its the simplicity that will get you hooked!