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  1.  Boring


    1 star. Is that a bit harsh?
    No. I've thought about it and it really isn't.
    I just don't understand the high scores for this 'game'. I'm not sure it is a game. It's more like a slightly interactive movie. Just like a movie you don't really have that much control.

    It's just...boring.

    In one bit, I had to chase this bloke who had a shot gun, so I was looking forward to a bit of gun play. He hid behind a wall, so I took cover too. He popped out and I took aim and shot him in the arm. He flopped down dead, action over. Booo!

    Car chase sequence. The cars handle just a bit too well. I'm expecting some over steer from a big old American car, but they corner like they're on rails. This caused me to mount the kerb at high speed. Wouldn't have looked good, me a Police detective, smearing some innocents along the pavement. Fortunately for them, they just bounced off the car like they were made of rubber. Boooo!

    That was the good bits.

    The rest was the usual:
    Wander around looking for clues. Pick things up. Look at them. If it's relevant it goes in the note book. Dull, dull, dull.

    Pre-scripted witness/suspect questions and the Truth/Doubt/Lie option following the answer. That gets really boring after the first two Q&A sessions.

    If all you want from a game is some nice looking facial effects, then this is the game for you.

    I hope this style of game doesn't take off, as I can see this facial effect ruining the quality of games the same way CGI ruined movies.

    If you are hungry for some 40's era action, you can buy a copy of L.A. Confidential on DVD from Play for a fiver.
    That's a much better deal...all the faces look real too!!!