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  1.  Not a bad product however.......


    Firstly storage is amazing i cannot find anything with more space to store music and videos. Weight and size are what you expect from someting with a massive disk in it.
    The only draw back for me is using itunes which you need since you cannot drag music when you connect it. Itunes is just useless at organising music because it does it automaticaly it complety messes up all the organising that you have already done. From breaking up complete albums to no finding album art itunes is truely crap for a music program!!
    However there are alternatives just google "other itunes programs" and i am sure youll find a program that best suits you.

  2.  The film of 2008 for me


    This film is unquestionably the film of the year! The plot is very dark and trys to answer some of the questions that would bring. The action in this film is outstanding from the opening of the film to near the end very enjoyable to watch! Finally the acting is one of the best things about the film and that just brings to the next level. The scene in the questioning room with the joker and batman is truely awesome! All characters are played brilliantly but none more so than the joker ledger would of been an outstanding actor to have watch in future films from the success of this one. This film is the best of 2008 and the best on blu-ray the sound and picture are breath taking! Buy now!

  3.  not a bad little film


    This film is pretty good in terms of entertainment. Some of the scences and very well thought out and the characters are belivable which is very hard to find ina hollywood action film. The only downside is his daughter you do feel like punching her sometimes because she is that dim. None the less it is worth a watch!

  4.  World cinema esstenial


    This film is for everyone who loves foriegn films. I thought this was so out there and for special effects it put hollywood to same. The whole atmosphere of the film is so strong and you will be sucked in. I dont know about the subtitles issue my copy was fine. There was one occasion but i guess it wasnt important.
    If you loved the matrix youd love this film in someways it is better and others not so but thats not really important just watch it.

  5.  Amazing


    I didnt have any prior knowledge of this film or the makers i think its the first german film i have watched. I picked it accidently from the shelve and my goodness i couldnt of struck more gold if i tried. This film is simply amazing yes its low budget but do not let that put you off by any means. Everyting that the other 2 reviews have said i would agree with well maybe one thing how can camera work being average be an insult? I thought the camera work was amazing the scene where he gives his friend the keys to the hippie van is amazing. The acting is sooooo good for a low budget but with that said i have no idea wither the actors in this film are well estabilished or not?
    If your a fan of world cinema watch steal it if you have to its worth going to prison for trust me.

  6.  good idea gone bad


    Im afraid i really didnt like this film its not will smiths acting but rather the storyline its meant to be a comedy so let i stay that way. Like other people have said the first half an hour is really good up until we find out where hanncock comes from and the fact that theres another ruins the entire film from that point on. The woman that who plays will smiths ex wife is rubbish her acting is appauling. Avoid if you can see it for free by downloading it off some program. I like will smith films but not this one

  7.  What ama\ing films are all about!


    I dont know what to say other than this films is top notch! Really everything in this film has been thoughtout and it all fits like an amazing glove! The music setting, but most of all the storyline and the acting is just outstanding from both in question. Together they just make the film that something that cant be put into words. Just watch it then you'll understand!

  8.  Beautiful film in all senses of the word


    This film is amazing beautifuly shot and well acted from all of the actors that ar invloved. New Zealand really comes from in this film and the director liked to shoot quite a lot of the landscape and who could blame him the colour is outstanding.
    This film should appeal to most people but it wont. This like the fountain is for seriuos film lovers only.
    5/5 truely amazing film

  9.  awful game


    There was so much hype around the release of this game and i cant believe how bad it is. the gameplay is awful the characters you control move way to slow for a start The aiming system terriable when your aiming at the enemy the bullets are slightly to the left always and really annoying. It kinda reminds of kane and lynch which is compliment at all. On the back of the case it says "Breakthrough A.I". Its anyhting put the bloke you control always runs off and gets killed even when you tell him to hold position. The storyline is kinda interesting with a lut warm build to a truely awful ending.
    The only reasn im giving it 2stars is because the cut scenes look amazing. It seems like the developers of the game spent all the budget on making the cut scenes and left all the change on the rest of the game. Because the in game graphics are awful and the cut scenes only make them look worse.
    You can tell that the game has failed because they have put free content online and you dont see them doing it with other better games like halo 3, gears of war and GRAW2 do you.

  10.  Exactly what next gen is all about


    There have been alot of games that have come along that havent lived up to their hype GTA4, HAZE and Army of Two. However finally there has come along a game that has lived up to all the hype.
    Visiually this game is stunning and all aspects the people and the environment. Nothing seems out of place i would actaully say that the graphics are better than COD4.
    The storyline is as ever in previous games epic. Games with a story this complex and interesting are few and far between and all the major characters are back and none of them seem out of place.
    The gameplay is awesome the aiming system is brilliant. Movement of the characters including Snake are realistic and fit perfectly with the game.
    Yes the seris has been all about stealth but i welcome the choice that has been given to the player about weither to ghost your way around a war zone or join in the fighting. This makes the game alot more interesting because you have more choice. And also gives you that replay ability aswell which is a grat add on.
    The only drawbacks about this game is amount of memory that has to go on your ps3 but thats a problem with every game on the ps3.
    Some people might say that the cut scenes are also a drawback. This i would tend to agreee with if the cut scenes were boring and nothing happened but they are interesting and have full of detail that make the storyline much more interesting.
    Finally for people who are new to metal gear one thing people forget is that this is the final chapter of a long and complex story so people who have just played this game will not understand everything. However one thing that they have done is included flashback pictures during cut scenes. And for poeple who are compaining that it isnt enough and they are just pictures they have put a history of Metal Gear on the notice board on the PSN, if you pre ordered you should of got a dvd of the history of metal gear, also there are loads of sites that have the complete story. So if your new then read up on the previous story which is long and complex.
    Anyways the only reason to buy a ps3 is for the exclusives i have all 3 current consoles and any muti platform games i have on the 360. This game is the reason to buy a ps3 its the reason i bought a one and havent looked back. Its an amazing game full of depth and stunning visuals and well worthy of a top rating from everyone.