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  1.  saved half term!


    ignore the other review - i bought this as my daughter has all the barbie films and was a little unsure if she would like it based on the other review. she has some barbie films she will watch again and again and some she has only watched once or twice. this one (and i asked her a few times) is one of her favourites. she has watched it every day this week and loves it more each time. having been forced to sit through it a couple of times myself i would say the animation is far better than the earlier films and i think that this film is perfect for any young girl who loves her fairies!

  2.  played it today and a nintendo preview event


    this is mind blowing stuff. you really have to play one to feel just how amazing the technology is. sampled the following games: sf4, kid icarus, pilotwings, pro evo, resident evil, dead or alive, ridge racer, lego star wars, rabids, nintendogs, zelda, the free ar games. truly amazing stuff. resident evil was the best looking, zelda looked a bit odd with dated graphics but in 3d but the gameplay will be classic of course. dead or alive was the only game where i felt things actually came out of the screen as most are demonstrating 3d depth. not a bad thing by any means. this is the jump in handheld technology we have been waiting for since the first ds replaced the gba

  3.  years before someone thought up 24 a gen real time movie


    i remember seeing the trailer for this before it was released promoting a film thats in "real time" - it was a genius idea that had never been done before. then watching the film i was not dissapointed. now years later the formula has been used and used again for 24 but this is the original - and its still great!

  4.  unknown classic


    This film came and went a few years back. I doubt anyone remembers it, but now its getting the blu treatment this is a great chance to delve into a great movie that passed most people by. Watch and enjoy!

  5.  wants to be good but just aint quite there


    A glimmer of a look at what was once a great film - the original made so many years ago now effortlessly out does this straight to video effort on every scale. Positives include the return of rico and some amusing advertisments throughout the film adding the comedy element but there are some really dodgy effects and ultimately a poor story line. I wanted to enjoy this, kind of did but when you look back at this in a year or so you will realise its pretty much a pile of pants

  6.  classic!


    this film is full of surprises. a great flick with a great cast. a boxing film. a con film. a buddy movie, a film that not many people know about but everyone should see