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  1.  No as good as i thought


    I couldnt wait to watch this dvd, i've seen rhod on various tv things and people have given him good reviews. I just think this wasnt the best stand up dvd, he goes on about washing machines for about 15mins and by all accounts he did the same on his last tour. He's not really a joke teller more about tell how his life is going. Its still worth watching and if you like that kind of comedy then buy it, but i wish i didnt to be honest as i wont be watching this again.

  2.  Interesting Film


    When this first started playing i thought this might be a bad film, but when you watch it all - it in fact is a clever film. The story could have been a bit better but its well worth the money.
    I would gladly watch this again.

  3.  One of the best films ive seen!


    Well after a sort of slow start, with the introduction of some of the characters, this film delivers on so many levels.
    I think the film delivers a truly serving memory of all those people who have lost their lives in such a traggic way.
    The story and characters are great. Gives a great inside to what may of happened on the planes, i dont think you could ever truly know.
    You will enjoy the film, and film make you think about the liberty we have. :) Worth every penny

  4.  Fantastic


    This is one of my favourite films. Great story line and great acting and it s not one of those american over dramatic films. It tales a strong story of heartbreak and loss.
    For the price you will not be disappointed.

  5.  Great


    Like the last review as long as you look at this film as a comedy and not taking the mick out of mentally challenged people, then youll find this funny.

  6.  Interesting Film


    As the previous review sums it up. I have just watched the film and thought it was actually good. I picked a copy of this movie quite cheap and thought this movie would be a pile of pants but after the slow start it does pick up and great actually from the 2 lead characters made it even more enjoyable.
    I think this movie has a broad appeal and would suggest this is a good movie to watch if there is nothing else to watch.

  7.  What a pile of poo!!!


    This has got to be the worst movie i have seen i years. Not funny one bit. Its trying to be funny but fails miserably. I dunno where to start. Actings rubbish, storys even worse then eating cold porridge.

    If you buy this movie then your telling people that you dont like movie. i WISH i could give this no stars but i cant.

  8.  Fantastic


    I saw this film on tv over the weekend and to be really honest with you i was expecting this to be poor mainly because its an old film. But ive got to say this film was much better then some of the movies we get today. Great suspense and the kind of story that makes you glue to the tv. This have the kind of feel like the old hitchcock "psyco" movie.

    The acting is great in it and the story is very good. Clint is of course superb.

    I would not let this movie out without a look

  9.  wOw!


    This has to be one of the best films i have seen in a very look time. The film has a fantastic story line and great acting by clint and other in the film. A slightly slow start but well worth sticking around. Has a great ending, quite a furfilling ending... Well worth a watch.

  10.  Great, funny, viewable entertainment


    Well i was doing my research on what to watch next in comedy, and I found this. I found this a slow starter but by the end youll be hooked. Great depth in the characters. Ive already ordered the 2nd season. If you like a 20mins of light comedy entertainment then order this now.