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  1.  Avoid buying the Blu ray


    I am not one that is normally compelled to write reviews about films. I feel that my view of a movie is hugely personal and may be worlds away from yours.

    On this rare occasion, I am moved to write a review of the Blu ray version of this film, not the film itself. Obviously I can't comment on, or compare to, the DVD version as I bought this for the high def 'experience'.

    For reference. I am watching through; a PS3 with an optical cable connected to my Onkyo AV receiver for sound and a high quality HDMI cable connected to my Pioneer PDP-LX 5090 screen.

    I still buy huge amounts of DVDs, but for effects laden and epic films I, like many others I'm sure, prefer the brilliance of Blu ray. This film's transfer is poor.

    I sat for the best part of two hours grinding my teeth in frustration and misery at the fact that I'd spent extra money on something that is really no better than standard definition, or DVD at best. I even began checking my panel's settings in case the kids had 'accidentally' adjusted anything! My enjoyment of the film was completely ruined as I couldn't focus on anything else. My girlfriend used to complain that I was too picky if the convergence was even slighty out on our old. rear projected set. She couldn't see it, and couldn't understand why I'd get so annoyed with it. Now she says I'm doing it all over again with this!!!

    To put this into context, immediately afterwards I watched Last House on the Left, again on Blu ray, and I could breathe easily again. The difference was phenominal. The blacks were deep and inky, unlike the 'greys' of Outlander, the colours were bright and vibrant, and the details was mind blowing. Just as I would expect a Blu ray disc to be.

    You can make up your own minds as to the quality of the film itself. The acting, plot, script and cinematography are for others to judge. But be warned, if you're planning on buying this film on Blu ray, don't expect to be blown away by the quality of the transfer. My recommendation would be to purchase the DVD and use the money you save on a pint. You'll enjoy it more and maybe not mind the poor picture quality so much.

  2.  Rock Band 2, ROCKS! simple as that


    I have only been playing these sort of games since GH3 came out last year, and I was instantly hooked. I subsequently bought Rock Band, followed almost immediately by Guitar Hero World Tour, then in late December, unable to wait any longer for the UK release, an imported copy of RB2.
    One of the big selling points of this game is that you can play all the songs from Rock Band in RB2 with the use of a 'download key' from PSN. It was initially disappointing that my US version wasn't compatible with my UK songs, so the wait continued. As soon as RB2 was released here I bought another UK copy and all I can say is, if you're at all into these games, this is a must buy.
    80 odd songs on the disc, plus all the songs from the original, and any downloaded songs you may have purchased all on one game. No more disc swapping to play that one song you always have to play.
    There are easy ways to unlock all the songs on the disc by playing through specific challenges, opening up the game for quick play sessions. and any DLC get included automatically into their own challenges making them part of the game rather than just add-on songs.
    This is the ultimate party game. If you have a few mates around or even the rest of the family and assorted kids, get this out and I guarantee you'll have a whale of a time.
    My only gripe is that I wish Guitar Hero was as flexible with it's songs as Rock Band.
    Oh, lastly, before I forget, it has a fantastic drum tutor for those that have never really had the chance to have a bash before.

    ROCK ON!