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  1.  Must buy!


    Want a RPG that you can play over and over again.....?

    Got a brother or close friend that you want to play co-op with...?

    If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you will love this game. I have only had this game for a day and i absolutely love it! Co-op is so good! Single player is also good but i am trying to save the fun for co-op because it is even better. Although if you want this game for online it isnt so good from what i have seen, although i have only played online for about 15minutes.
    Sacred 2 gets 5 star for the offline co-op alone. But i must say... choose the silver difficuly first because bronze is pretty easy at the moment.

    To the person who wrote a review 2 after mine who said that player 2 cant save their progress..that is so not true!
    You must make another account for player 2 and then they can choose to use that account and then it saves their progress!
    Please do not go on his review, ignore it! Co-op is the best thing about this game.

  2.  Great game!


    Fallout 3 is a brilliant game so far even though i have only played it for about 6 hours. I put the difficulty on hard on my first go as i like a challenge on RPG's so it forces me to level up more and so far has been quite addicting. When you first get into the outside you only have a pistol and can be quite annoying but when you get bettter guns like assault rifles and shotguns it gets alot more fun. I dont really understand alot of things yet but im sure i will understand when i get into it. Bethesda have done an awesome job making this game but I still think oblivion was so much better. E3 must announce another elder scrolls :)

  3.  Good game but too much of a change!


    I had resistance 1 and i thought that that game was amazing.. It was different to other fps because of the very close combat fighting etc.

    Insomniac have tried to compete with cod on R2. It is no longer a very close combat game. For some people this makes the game better although resistance 1 was a better game by far in my opinion. Insomniac have made some very good things on R2 tho.
    For example the split screen online is a nice thing to have.
    Maybe insomniac should have made the campaign online co op aswel as the different missions. The clan search is a very cool thing to have aswel.

    Join my clan if u have R2!
    Clan name: UK's Elite

  4.  good at first!


    When i got this game for xmas i thought that I was going to be so addicted. And i was..for a little while. When the new year came i was bored of this.
    I think it is because it is exactly the same as cod4, Just with different guns and maps etc.
    If you had the previous game you will probably get bored of this fast because it will feel like you have played this game for months eventhough you bought it a couple of days ago.
    Maybe it is worth buying still. But if you have cod4 dont expect to be playing this game for very long.

    Playing online is delayed. If you fire some shots just before you die, when you watch the kill cam it will show you not fire any shots.
    Also when playing campaign it is very very hard to shoot people with certain guns when they are moving to the side. Its not that you have to shoot just in front of them either.

  5.  pleasantly suprised! (demo)


    Before playing the demo i watch some gameplay traliers a while back.. The game looked pretty repetetive and looked as if it would get boring very fast.
    Now my opinion has changed after playing the demo!

    Good points:
    - Multiplayer with lots of different classes to choose from.
    -No lagg at all! (Including delays)
    -Better than average graphics.

    Bad points:
    -Single player pretty boring.. Although with co op and the different classes i think the campaign will be very good. (The single player was only a tutorial type level on the demo.)
    -The scout class is just so noobie! (Peope can just turn invisible and come behind u and backstab u in 1 hit) soo skillless!

    Think ill get this game!

  6.  question


    play.com have not put the resolution. Could someone tell me if this tv is 720p and/or 1080i please?

  7.  Question


    Is this tv 1080i or 1080p? Id like to buy it if it were..

  8.  pretty disapointed


    Usually in the pro evo series i am hooked but with this one i was bored in 3 days.. The graphics is poor (especialy the crowd) When you score a goal you dont have a clue if its allowed or disallowed till the kick off because the wistle goes really loud as soon as it crosses the line. Also, how the hell do you play online. I just hope Konami can make up for it in 2009. Its ok gameplay although through balls are pretty useless aswell apart from on the wings because they do them completlely wrong. They should have kept the pes points so that you can exchange things with them aswell.