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  1.  good watch


    Really enjoyed this film. It kept me in suspence throughout and couldnt wait to know what was going to happen next. Not a fan of Nicholas Cage but love Joaquin Phoenix and they work well together. Worth the 2.99

  2.  Where's the rest!!


    Love all the shreks, but this was far too short. All the family sat down at christmas to watch it and it finished within 20 minutes (which was as funny as the film), still its one to add to the collection

  3.  Love it!


    Awesome film, love Drew Barrymore, such an amazing actress, she plays the caracter so well. Such a fun movie, theres nothing you can complain about. If you dont own this, go and buy it now, you wont be disappointed :)

  4.  Enjoyable and Interesting


    Not usally my kind of movie but really enjoyed it. The more you watch it the more you'll like it. The Da vinci code is slighlt better than Angels and Demons in my opinion, its more religious than Angels and Demons but in an enjoyable way. Would tell anyone to give this a watch

  5.  You Only LOVE Once


    Another one of katie's good books, was interesting to see her side of the "stories". Thought she went on about pete too much, seemed like she kept comparing pete to alex and mentioned pete i literally every page, anybody else think that? But was still a good read. Anyone who likes katie's other books, will like this

  6.  Disappointing


    Slighty confusing throughout the story, was a mix between "ghost and kidnap". Really didnt enjoy this and would not reccomend it

  7.  A Great read


    Read this in 2 days, i could not put it down. Filled with laughter and some tears! Such a good read, well worth the pennies, you wont be disappointed when you read this.

  8.  excellent


    What a good read, i couldnt put it down and read it in a couple of days. Was a bit confusing at the beginning (to me anyways), seemed like there was too many characters with things going on and like the story was jumping back and forward, but you pick it up right away. Thought it was all going to be about footballers wives but its not, its a real good read.

  9.  Great Movie


    Great film, good acting, wish it was a longer film though, it just seemed to go really quick, when i thought we was in the middle of the film, it ended which was quite disappointing. Easy film to watch and kept you suspensed till the end. A real insight to the "gang world", so anyone who likes that, should like this one.

  10.  great summer read


    read this book in 2 days, was really quite addictive. I think you could understand the story from all the characters points of view .which made a good read. Would like to read more from this author, so will recommend this book