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  1.  FIFA 12 Scores!


    Brilliant game, best in the series so far and surpasses any other football game in the current market. Ignore the FIFA haters. I switched from FIFA to Evo about 5 years ago, I came back for FIFA 10 and have stayed with FIFA since then. I don't have a loyalty to either brand of game but having played both FIFA and Evo over the past 10 years I can safely say that FIFA 12 is one of the best footy games I've played ever. It can be tricky to master (especially against the CPU on harder difficulties) and it requires a footballing brain to play it well. If you don't like your games to challenge you, have no footballing brain, no creativity, have a taste for second rate entertainment then choose Evo. Else do the right thing; sack of the Evo franchise until they start developing their games to justify you spending your 40 quid a year and get this and enjoy the EA master class in football gaming.

  2.  The best game ever made?


    I've been an avid gamer for 20 years across most consoles that have been out in that time and in my opinion this is probably one of the greatest games of all time! I loved this from start to finish and even the second playthrough on crushing difficulty for the platinum trophy was a joy. The visuals are mind blowing and the cut-scenes and interactive scenes often blend in to one seamlessly leaving you at times wondering whether you're in game or you're still watching a cut-scene. Puzzles are interesting enough without being over complex and taking the flow out of your progression in the game. I won't reveal any spoilers but there at least 4 truly memorable moments in the game where you think "this is big moment in the game" only to find that something else later in the game surpasses what you've already seen. Outstanding game, can't praise it enough. I thought they'd struggle to top Uncharted 2 but in my opinion they've made a game twice as good as any early game in the series. A must buy for any gamer!

  3.  Watch and learn!


    My first album of 2012 (although it was released 2011) and it's got to be one of the best Pop albums of last year. She seems to be over the whole "Chris Brown" drama and has come up with a really solid pop album. Best songs: "We Found Love", "Where Have You Been", "Drunk On Love", "You Da One"...other tracks are all good.

  4.  Britney...at her best!


    Britney's had her fair share of troubles but she's back with a big album. I'm not a Britney fan really and got this for my fiance. Had a listen and her new sound is great and really hits the note with the current genres doing the rounds at the moment. Highlights on the album include the hit "Hold It Against Me", the great new single "Till The World Ends" and for me "I Wanna Go" and "Inside Out". Well worth a look, Britney fan or not.

  5.  Pretty...grim.


    Great graphics, but a disappointment considering I loved Res Evil 4.

    The delays in release were quite annoying and then when it was eventually released I was disappointed.

    The puzzle element found in past titles has all but gone and this is just a zombie shoot fest with a very Arcadey feel at times.

    Not for me and wish I'd hired or bought this second hand instead of paying full price at release.

  6.  Only Buy The Night!!!


    Brilliant album from start to finish. Use Somebody is probably one of the best songs of the past 10 years for me! Love the under rated Manhattan as well!

    First Kings album I've bought, I'll be buying the rest!

  7.  One of the best British Bands of the noughties


    This album reminded me why I enjoyed The Final Straw so much. Some great songs on here. I count maybe 3-4 that aren't worthy of being on here and I think a couple of my personal favourites weren't on here e.g. Make This Go On Forever from the album Eyes Open.

    Other than that a great album! One of the best to come out of the last ten years even if it is a greatest hits compilation.

  8.  He shoots, he scores!


    This for me is the greatest football game I've ever played. I was originally a FIFA man up until RTWC '08 when I thought the FIFA franchise lost it's way a bit. I went to Pro Evo (not the face, not the face!) and enjoyed that for a few years but felt it really missed the official teams, kits, leagues etc. Eventually I came back to FIFA with FIFA 08 on PS3 before I bought this gem. In my opinion this game is truly a landmark title and has brought FIFA right back into the FIFA V Evo battle. Loyalties will be forever divided between the two I'm sure but for me this game has it all. It's got great playabillty, excellent graphics, offical teams etc, is much better online than Evo and is a hell of a lot more realistic. If your a fan of the beautiful game this one's for you!

  9.  Wicked!


    This game is probably one of the greatest games I've every played. Graphically stunning and runs perfectly. The game itself is pretty big and will keep you entertained for about 40hrs+. The best Resident Evil title so far...I just hope Res 5 for the PS3 is as good as this!