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  1.  Must have blu-ray


    Ever since I switched to blu-ray I've been desperate to get my hands on the Jurassic Park trilogy. It's nearly 20 years since I saw the original movie and it's still in my top 5 favourites. Sadly they don't make classic summer blockbusters like these anymore.

    Picture quality is a definite improvement over the DVD and although it does have a thin layer of grain in places it wasn't a distraction. Facial close-ups are much more defined and textures crisp.

    The DTS Master sound is superb on a surround system - for that alone it's worth replacing the DVD. Scenes like the T-Rex chase are particularly impressive with the sub-woofer adding to the feeling you are in the middle of the action.

    The bonus features of the DVD trilogy have been added to including a 6 part series 'Return To Jurassic Park' featuring new interviews with cast and crew. I rarely have the interest to sit through the bonus content of movies but these were fascinating. .

    Roll on Jurassic Park 4!

  2.  For fans only


    This film carried a lot of hype so when I bought it I was half expecting another X-men type Marvel release - I was wrong. I'm sure the film will appeal to fans of the original comic book but it was too long for me and the characters were just not interesting at all. I wish I hadn't bothered.

  3.  Worth an Oscar


    I saw this film when it first came out on blu-ray and couldn't understand how it had gone through the box-office so quietly. The film is so well written and directed that you really forget your watching a film at times and feel as tense as the guy with his hands on the bomb.

    As for the blu-ray disc itself I haven't noticed any problems with grain myself but I think most war films tend to have that added and it didn't distract from viewing at any point. If you have a full surround sound set then blu-ray is the way to go for the DTS master audio.

    I was pleased to see the movie win so many Oscar's, espeically when the competition was Jim Cameron's Avatar.

  4.  Surprisingly Good


    Not knowing much about this film I took a gamble buying it but wasn't disappointed. Quite a few moments in the film have you on the edge of your seat - or hiding behind it. Best way I can describe this film is that it's a cross between the original Alien film and John Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars".

    Blu-ray quality seemed pretty good and considering the film has qutie a few dark scenes it didn't seem to suffer from picture grain.

  5.  Good


    In all honesty when I heard this film was to be released I thought it was purely a cash-in but I was wrong. Watching the film you really get a feel for what the producer and MJ were visualizing as it takes you through the various acts of his greatest hits. The sad thing is that the show really did look like it would have been Jackson's greatest achievement and for all the work that went into it to not see it in some form would have been a travesty.

    Sound and picture quality are superb making this the best way to enjoy MJ's last performances.

  6.  Time to retire Mr Romero


    Zombie movies have come a long way since Romero made the original 'Dawn of the Dead' and this film just doesn't work. I've a lot of respect for some of his earlier work but this film was drawn out and most of the kill sequences just seemed thrown in for fun. The finale of the film should have had me hooked to the screen but with 20 minutes to go I was just wishing it to be over. I'd much rather see another Zack Snyder 'Dawn of the Dead' type film which actually moved with the times.

    As for the blu-ray disc itself, the picture and sound quality seem to be quite good so if you do want to watch this I would say it's worth the extra over DVD.

  7.  Saved the best till last


    One of the best seasons since the show launched and sadly it's last. I have to admit that after season 3 I wasn't enjoying the Unit as much but this one was a return to the action packed episodes of old. I really hope Dennis Haysbert moves on to do more work as he stood out as the shows best actor.

  8.  Not a Legend


    Overall I'd describe I Am Legend as 'good' but I was left a little disappointed as I thought it had the potential to be great. Probably my biggest gripe was the computer rendering of the zombies which really didn't look believable at all, I've seen far better effects in other feature films.

    Will Smith puts in a good performance as the last man in New York and explores the feelings of loneliness and eventual madness that his character develops. As other reviewers have pointed out the films ending does feel a little rushed but not so much that it ruins the film for the viewer. 3 out of 5 stars from me, still worth a watch.

  9.  Classic TV


    It's over ten years since Hamish MacBeth first hit our screens and back then it had an average of 8.9 million viewers. Set in the ficitional village of 'Lochdubh' the show dealt with various stories that were often a mixture of quirky humour and sadness. Robert Carlyle is clearly the leading character in the show but it had a strong cast of Scottish actors which together with the writing of Daniel Boyle made it an instant success.

    The boxset itself contains all 3 seasons of the show although it's worth noting this message from the small print on the back cover "Regrettably episode four West Coast Story is not available on DVD". Despite the missing episode and the lack of any bonus content it's still a worthwhile purchase, especially if you enjoyed the show the first time round on BBC One.

  10.  Great Value


    I recently bought myself a Sony PSP slim and when it came to sourcing a memory stick for it I found play.com to be the cheapest. This same card is over £35 at other retailers. I can't comment as to how good the memory is in other devices but if you have PSP then this will do the job for storing your save games and movies.