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  1.  A MUST read -- And this isn't my usual kind of book!!


    Recommended by a friend, even before buying I knew it wasn't the kind of book I tend to read but thought I'd give it a go. I was enthralled. Yes there's lots of sex in the story but it touches on so many things that even though you are not supposed to, you total fall in love with Mr Christian Grey and can see why the virginal Ana does too!! - Am I buying the 2nd book of the trilogy? Yes Sir!

  2.  Harris back to her best!!


    The Sookie Stackhouse series of books has to be my favourite ever and I have devoured each and every one . . until Book 10 which was very disappointing, unloved, and left me wondering could the author return to form after such a poor story. I am pleased to say YES SHE HAS!!
    Book 11 is Harris at her best and you will not be able to put it down. I worried that when I pre-ordered it wouldn't live up to my high expectations but it really has. It is fast paced, exciting, chock full of action and left me wanting more . . . . the scene has been set for book 12 and it looks like it could well be amazing!! - Don't be put off if Book 10 let you down, Book 11 more than makes up for it :)

  3.  Was I expecting too much??


    I LOVE the Sookie Stackhouse series of books and couldn't wait for this one to be released but I'm left a little disappointed :(
    Don't get me wrong, it's an enjoyable read but it just doesn't have the zing of all the other books, it feels unloved, like the author is getting bored of writing about Sookie's world.
    The story is slow, not edge of your seat like the others but I'm hoping it's just a build up for the next! - I'm still a fan, still wanting more but hoping book 11 is CH at her best again!

  4.  Awesome game - A must buy!!


    This is a great game, I completed it really quickly but that was only because I couldn't put it down!! - I hope they make another one for the PSP!!! - AMAZING!!!

  5.  Very pleasantly surprised!! V Good film!!


    When this hit the cinemas and got all it's oscars, I didn't fancy watching it at all, it really didn't look like my type of film but after buying it to watch on a wet & cold weekend, I have to say I was really impressed (as was my hubby & teen son!).
    Maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much, I didn't have any expectations of what it was going to be like or how good it should be (which is why so many other reviewers seem to be disappointed!) I just sat back, relaxed and really enjoyed every minute!
    It's a great story that I found quite harrowing at times and the feel good ending was unexpected but quite a treat for a change :)
    If you want to watch a film with a great story that will tug at your heart strings, morals, beliefs etc and will leave you feeling that sometimes good things can happen, then this film is for you - If you are buying it just because its by Danny Boyle or has loads of Oscars then you may be disappointed but you shouldn't be!! - It's fab!!

  6.  Awesome book!! - Can't wait for the next one in 2010!!


    I've just finished reading all the Sookie Stackhouse books and now I feel like I've lost a friend!! (daft I know!!).
    I've have enjoyed every single one (even though they are not the kind of books I would normally read) and would definatley recommend them to all.
    This book felt much shorter than the others but still chock full of edge of your seat stuff!!
    My heart broke with Sookie in a previous book where she found out Bill's deceit but could she be realising that he loves her more than anyone else? Or is Eric the man of her dreams? (He's in mine lol)
    Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!

  7.  BAD - AWFUL - DREADFUL - TERRIBLE - I could go on and on!!


    To put it simply this is badly acted with awful special effects and a dreadful plot - we didn't make it past the first 30 mins!!
    If you like naff films, then this is a MUST HAVE!!

  8.  Awful game, buy something else!!


    Poor game play, poor graphics, just awful!!
    My 11 year old got bored in less than an hour!! - Buy something else with your money :)

  9.  Fab Cranium Fun!! - Enjoyed it more than Big Brain Academy!!


    If you liked the Cranium board games then you will LOVE this!! - It's a great family, fun filled game.
    Yes it has areas it could improve on but we found it far more enjoyable, educational and fun than Big Brain Academy.
    You will need teams to play but at this price it's a must have addition to your family fun collection for the wii :)

  10.  Good game... very similar to all the other Buzz Juniors.


    We have all the Buzz Junior games (Robo, Jungle, Monster) and this new dino game is very similar to the others yet somehow not as good!
    Maybe they didn't change the games around enough this time.... anyway if you liked the other games you'll like this one too... just don't expect anything new!