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  1.  Excellent


    If you like LMFAO's tongue in cheek style of music, then you will love this album. It is definitely worth a go if you like their previous songs.

  2.  Contender for best on 360


    I'm going to keep this review short due to the fact my points are mainly covered in other reviews.

    This game is graphically impressive, and a huge environment allows it to be at its full potential of detail. This is true for both HD and standard definition.

    People say its an RPG, to be honest action game players will love this game equally. The shooting and driving is reminiscient of Gears of War and the storyline gives you multiple choices to define your character as a "good guy" or "bad guy".

    This game is fairly long if you play the side missions also, so be prepared to put in the hours! Save regularly because you never know when things are going to go wrong, you don't want to end up having that "final fantasy feeling" of playing for ages then your console messing up or the game freezing!

    10/10 Simply put.

  3.  Who needs Need For Speed


    Welcome Burnout Paradise. Where NFS has gone all legal and not as entertaining as it once was, Burnout has taken the throne of illegal racing. Be it that no police chase you but when you have the opportunity to be as aggressive a driver as you please what is the need in being held back from your explosive potential.

    This game has a large expanse of a map, somewhat similar to the size of the GTA franchise so expect miles of driving. All the events are started by driving up to traffic lights and revving your engine which always gets you in the mood for driving, just hearing the roar of the engine.

    Xbox Live... Wow, you could wait in a lobby in certain other games or you could just drive around while you wait for your race to start , I know which one I would choose. Online is hectic fun and really shows who knows their maps well and who has reactions of Superman! Great fun all round.

    Overall its worth the money, although there it can be frustrating when you have a "miracle crash" which should never have happened but seems to smite you for being so good at the game. Besides that setback EA have done something right and made a great sequel to what seemed to be a drying up series. 9/10

  4.  Incredible, great improvement


    The first stuntman game that appeared on the ps2 was a great idea but poorly executed. However I feel this has been rectified in this new spruced up outing. The only bad side is if you are a perfectionist it can be VERY tricky and repetitive. Other than the slight drawback it is well worth the money!