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    The best film ive seen in ages. If you have played ANY amount of computer games or know about them over the last 25 years then this film will appeal to you on a high level.
    It is a good story without that knowledge too but the little things made me chuckle and nod approvingly....MGS exclamation from the trunk lol

  2.  Storyless


    not watched a film so pointless in all my days. boof is a rubbish actor

  3.  awesome


    This is an ace film. Best batman series ever. Shame its his last

  4.  Fantastic!! A book for anyone who enjoys Ozzy-ness


    I am not an avid book reader but there was no way i was going to miss out on Ozzys life story direct from his own slurrying mouth.
    I am loving it. His sence of humour is great and the book captures his way with words brilliantly.
    I recommend this book to all. There are some swear words but its OZZY so what else would you expect.

  5.  Best band tie-in so far out of any from GH or RB


    This is THEE best Guitar Hero game for the drums so far, you actually feel like you're playing them no matter what difficulty. My mate (who never really heard METALLICA) loves this game too (he's the lead guitarist).

    The graphics/animation is superb its what Aerosmith, AC/DC (rockband) should have been and hopefully the Beatles (rockband) will set the bar even higher.
    As in every game their are tracks that u have to endure usually while unlocking tracks in career mode but it just makes u appreciate the good ones once they are unlocked.


  6.  WAIT A MINUTE! did i read that right?


    The last revieweri just wrote that its not that good because there's too much variety? so never gave it full marks? I'm not an avid review-ist-er but I'm pretty sure thats not how it is spose to work but I guess it's his/her opinion. DRUMMIN ROCKS SO I GIVE IT 5 STARS :-D

  7.  Very Funny


    Listen listen listen listen listen listen listen listen this man is one of funniest comics i have seen for a long time and gets funnier every time i watch him....YOU AINT NO WEEBLE WOBBLE!!!

  8. 300



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    What a movie! I waited till this was on bluray to see it and I was not let down. This is a superb film that gets better every time I watch it. The extras are great too really in depth behind the scenes footage and I loved the rapid cutscenes (best watched in slo-mo). Frank millers version of events is a classic and the stunning historian woman whose name i've forgotten makes history lots more enjoyable

  9.  First Colin McRae I have ever enjoyed


    I have been playing the demo for this for a couple of weeks now and at first I thought it was another rally game I wouldn't like but since there are no other good games out till September I was so bored that I forced myself to play it. It turns out that I was that used to Motorstorm that I clean forgot you need to use the brake button in proper rally games. This is a superb game that has a superb learning curve. This is the first McRae I have ever enjoyed playing and now that it's online it's sure to have a long long lifespan (until GranTurismo that is).