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  1.  Classic


    Having just watched the latest episode of season 6 it's easy to say that this is one of the best comedy series since Friends. It could be due to talented familiar creators/producers, but there's something more. HIMYM has that soul-mate relationship. Those unbreakable friendships, touching storylines weaved in with the most imaginative comic twists.

    Not to be missed

  2.  An original and inspirational film - very welcome


    Although it's not one of Matt Damon's and Will Smith's usual 'high tempo', exhilarating, action films; they both pull off amazing performances and convey their characters and the legend brilliantly. I'm not usually one for golf flicks but the script and cinematography simply bring the story to life and make you care about who can make putt.



    Extraordinary, Magical and completely Fantabulous! Loved every second and i was giggling every other second. Completely original, the writing and acting makes you feel part of the film and draws you in so much that you don't want to leave the land of 'Wall'. You'd have to be a witch to not like Stardust or not to appreciate Take That's complementary song, 'Rule The World'. Heart Warming.

  4.  Yawn


    Definately didn't live upto the amount of money spent on it. Unbelievably predictable and the writing could have used some imagination. Once again just a big blockbuster that has as much money thrown at it as possible in the hope that it might be slightly entertaining with big bangs and bright colours. Megatron AWAY!

  5.  I wanna grow old with YOU.


    Seriously I will love this film to the day that I die. I think that every women secretly wants someone to write a good song for them and it definitaly will give you goose bumps. Extremely funny and less of that stupid (ooh I fell into a toilet American humour) than you would expect. Also has a great soundtrack!

  6.  Without Hairspray life is like a week that's only Monday's.


    Yeah, I stole I line from the musical for my title. Hairspray (unlike my title) is extremely witty and in part unbelievably heartwarming. It's great fun, whilst watching it my foot was constantly bobbing along to the songs and I had an unbelievable urge to dance right in the middle of the cinema. It doesn't get any better than that!

  7.  A clever, dum American comedy.


    After watching this for the second time i began to really appreciate the humour. It's one of those films where you might miss a joke first time, but then come to realize how witty and clever (sometimes hilariously stupid) the writing is. I think that it will be deservedly appreciated by fans of Will Ferrell and co. The most important thing to do whilst watching the film is to think outside the box, and not take it too seriously. After all, like 'sex panther' 95% of the time it works everytime.